All hail the Atheist! And his banners proudly bare,

For from a constant conscious turn to amoral apparel wear.

All hail the Atheist! His Hope you proudly sing,

To defame your country, shame it, clip its wing:

All hail the Atheist! So-called "Imperialism" he will curb,

For who wants to be first? "Give them the chance!" the Liberals reverb.

All hail the Atheist! Sixty-five percent,

Some heavenly ascent!

But what befalls the Atheist? Approval in decline:

Predictable loss in Virginia, embarrassing boot for Corzine.

What now, Atheist? 2010 beats on your door,

And from sixty-five to a grand forty-six support you to the core.

Do not weep, fair Atheist, as we turn back to our God:

'Til 2012, you still have time to socialize, to apologize abroad.