A typical day at Bellview Heights high was filled with sorrow and angst, mixed around by fear, love, loathing and all things dramatic. This day like any other felt much the same, except Jet held expectance. She wasn't exactly sure what she was expecting but she had a feeling. A feeling that something, good or bad, big or small, would happen. It happens at the most unsuspecting times.

It was a feeling that settled none too easily in the pit of her stomach. Still, she got out of bed, dressed in her everyday clothes, and left for school looking nothing but her usual self. She called goodbye to her parents, who sat at the kitchen table, laughing loudly about the dinner party they attended the previous night. She walked cautiously down the pathway of her street, staring strangely at anything that looked the least bit different. Everyday was the same thing, not exactly identical but sure close. They talked about the same things, complained about the same people and watched as the world moved around them.

From her seat on the otherwise empty bench, outdoors beside a very effectively shading tree, she pondered over the foreboding dread she sensed. Jet had come to find she was awaiting the worst.

"You shouldn't think so hard." Came a voice beside her. Jet stayed perfectley still, squinting at the morning sun. "You shouldn't ignore me either, it's not good for your health." Her friend Danny sighed, leaning back into the bench.

"Does anything feel weird to you?" Jet asked, sparing Danny a side glance. "Like something's changed?"

Danny and Jet had been friends for two years, since Danny transferred. Jet wasn't a bad person, she wasn't overly eccentric, she was no rebel nor nerd, she wore hardly any black clothing and little to no make up. She was just plain and overlooked. Danny was much the same, he befriended her on his first day. He learned a lot about his bestfriend over the two years, more than anyone else in the school knew. They were eachothers only friends, and that was fine with them.

He frowned, looking about them at the other students chatting animatedly with their friends. "It feels...exactly the same to me." He said, dropping his chin into his open palm.

"I just...I think something bad is going to happen." Jet told him, knitting her brows at the grass she was staring at. Her gaze be it close, fell into a distant daze.

Danny watched her, as she zoned out of the present and into a world of questioning. "Something bad?" He asked, Jet nodded. "Well, bad's gonna have to wait. We have biology." A grin spread on his lips and he nudged his shoulder into Jets. As if clockwork, the first bell signalled.

Jet chuckled, nudging him back. "Come on, or we'll be late." Danny said, pulling Jet to her feet as he rose. Obeying him, she stood up, lifting her bag as she did.

Sitting in the cafateria, during their second and last lunch break, Jet continued to ponder. Her salad was pushed around in its plastic container and she once again found herself challenging the thoughts in her head.

"I'm getting a head ache just looking at you." Danny teased, falling into the seat opposite Jet. "What's on your mind?" He pulled some grapes from his fruit salad, plopping them in his mouth.

"I can't get rid of it." Jet sighed, irritated beyond belief. She ran her hands through her hair, pushing it behind her shoulders."Something's wrong, I can just tell. It won't go away, and it's really freaking me out!" She exclaimed, growing more annoyed. She slammed down her plastic fork, causing a few passerbyers to stare.

Danny just shook his head, smiling, while Jets mouth hung agape. She glowered at Danny."It's not funny. Something-"

Danny laughed, interupting her. "Something bad is going to happen, I know. Stop fretting, loosen up."

Dannys laughter stopped abruptly when Jet threw a peice of lettuce at him, hitting his nose. He sat, stunned, for a moment before breaking out in a smirk and reaching into his bowl of fruit.

"No, no, no." She pleaded, holding up her hands in surrender. "Daniel, don't you dare."

Danny threw the grapes just as soon as Jet said his full name. She shrieked, immediately grabbing a hand full of salad.

"Don't do it, Bridget." Danny said, emphasising Jet's given name. Jet glared at him, throwing her salad. Soon they broke into a war with lunches, only to have a teacher intervene.

"What on earth do you think you're doing?" Bellowed the surly science teacher, his face lighting up in red anger.

Danny and Jet shared a glance at each other, fighting chuckles. Minutes before the end of lunch the two exited the vice principals office, both sporting the same sheepish smiles. Once in the halls, away from any authority figures, they both broke into long, breath wasting, hysterics.

Slowly they calmed down, and flittered down the hallway towards their next class.

"So, there it is, your something bad." Danny told Jet. "Volunteering for the newspaper comittee, definitely bad."

Jet rolled her eyes. "It's hardly volunteering if they're forcing us."

"Why are you so bummed?" Danny asked, slinging an arm around her shoulders. "Hey... you're psychic." He mock gasped.

"Shut up." Jet murmured, jabbing Danny's abdomen with her elbow.

The last class of the day began in mere moments. They rounded a corner, mere metres away from their room, when Jet collided with someone. They fell down to the ground, Jet rubbing her head.

Danny was watching the scene afoot him, smothering his mirth. The boy who ran into Jet stood up quickly and excused himself, running off in the opposite direction.

"Look, that makes two bad things." Danny said, helping Jet up.

Jet groaned, touching her head. "Aren't bad things supposed to happen in threes?"

Danny poked at Jets forehead too, she swatted his hand away, wincing. "There's still time for a third, days not over yet."

They took their seats in class, somewhere in the middle of the room. Unfortunately for them, this class had a paticurlarly grumpy teacher. One who was opposed to any form of fun.

Outside the doors of the school, when the last bell sung and students fleed for home, Danny and Jet stood blissfully in the light rain. Sometime during the day, storm clouds had taken over the clear blue sky, leaving a dreary wall of grey. Somehow the rain didn't depress Jet like it did others, she rather enjoyed it actually. Danny just loved the fact the Jet could find such hapiness in a bit of water.

"If I get sick, I'm blaming you." Danny said, trying hard to supress his smile.

Jet just danced around. Well, not so much dance. She just closed her eyes and looked up to the sky, letting the cool water hit her face, maybe swaying her arms a little.

"Are you coming over for dinner tonight?" Danny asked, breaking into the silence.

Jet sighed, opening her eyes. "I can't tonight, I have to fiinish my art collage." She said, dropping her mouth open in shock. "Oh, crap, I left my collage in the art room." Jet shrugged, forgetting the urgency. "Forget it, I'll just stay back a couple hours and work on it here."

Danny nodded, surveying the weather. "Did you want me to pick you up later, doesn't look like the rains going any time soon. "

She too glanced to the grey sky. "Yeah, around six?" She asked.

Danny agreed, lightly pushing Jet's shoulder as he began to walk away. "Mum's making lasagne tomorrow night, your favourite."

Jet's eyes widened. "I'm so there." She stated causing an eye roll from Danny.

Around them, students filled the front of the school, due to the unforseen weather, the school buses had yet to arrive.

They gave each other a small wave goodbye and headed in opposite directions. With a seemingly permanent smile on her normally solemn face, Jet watched her feet as she walked accross the pavement.

A sudden screach and the screams of students tore Jet away from her solace. In a split second she walked into a body while turning to see the exact moment when an oncoming car sent Danny flying into its windscreen. For a second, the world stopped. Everyone stilled from the shock.

A exrutiatingly painful scream fled Jets lips. "No!" She yelled, pushing away from the boy she collided with and sprinting to Danny who lay sprawled on the wet blacktop.

She said nothing, shoving her way through the crowd. Most of the people looked too scared to move, or speak.

At first sight of Dannys limp body, as he took sharp breaths and shuttered, hot tears burned her eyes. Jet fell to her knees, looking, with a trembling lip, at the blood seeping from a wound on Dannys head. His face was bloodied and scraped, his ears still bled and his breaths wavered.

"Danny, no." She whispered, touching his face. Dannys eyes blinked profusely, watching her, before they closed a final time. "Danny," She said, stoking his cheek. "Wake up." Danny didn't move. Jets breaths became frantic and she leaned in closer to his face, crying. "Wake up." She ordered again, desperate. "No. Danny, No. Wake up, please. Wake up." Her head dropped on his shoulder, she cried onto him like the countless times before. "Don't leave me. Please, don't leave me."

"Oh dear." A Miss Parsons gasped, rushing to Jets side. She touched Jets shoulder, trying to usher her away. "Jet, sweetie, come on." She tried, pulling at jets arm.

"No." Jet said, pulling her arm back. "He's fine. He's going to be fine."

"Jet..." Miss Parsons said, Jet looked up to her; hopeful.

"Miss," A man said, a paramedic. That was when Jet recognised the blaring siren of the ambulance. "We need you to go with your teacher."

Jet held the hand that Miss Parsons offered with hell bent strength. "He's going to be fine, right?" She choked out, looking back and forth between the man and the teacher. "Right?"