"You hurt him, Bridget." Emily said, now facing Bridget straight on. "I don't know how, but he hasn't been the same."

Bridget frowned at Emily, taking in her words. "I...I didn't mean to." She muttered, bringing her arms up to circle her middle.

Emily nodded, accepting Bridgets words as the truth. She knew Bridget didn't do it on purpose, Bridget didn't know she was hurting cale. "He was trying to help." Emily began to walk down the path, Bridget unconsciously followed her.

Bridget stared ahead, Emily copied. The two of them walked side by side. Bridget sighed. "I get that now." She said. "But...it just feels like everyone is judging me or pushing me to do something." Bridget rushed, wanting the words out of her. She hadn't properly spoken to someone in so long and now Emily was there, listening to her; waiting for her to talk. "Cales nice, and he did help me, but Danny...Danny is...was the person who was there for me. I'm not used to someone new being there."

Emily looked to her side at Bridget as she confessed her feelings. She was finally getting somewher but didnt want to push too far. "Did you tell Cale this?" She asked.

Bridget took a moment to look away sheepishly. "No." She announced after a prolonged pause. "I yelled at him and said some other things I probably shouldn't have." She cringed, remembering what she had said, and how Cale reacted.

"You should apologise then." Emily told her. "That's the first step." She said, stopping her walk. Bridget stopped as well. "And seeing as we're outside Cales house, you should do it now." Emily bit her lip, expecting a harsh reaction.

Bridget faced the house in horror, her heart began to race in fear. "I don't know what to say to him." She mumbled, looking down to her shoes.

Emily hadn't been expecting that kind of reaction, she was ready for Bridget to punch her or threaten her with bodily harm. This was pleasantly surprising, in her eyes. Emily hesitantly reached her hand up and laid it on Bridgets shoulder to comfort her. "Just tell him what you told me." She gave Bridget a little push and an encouraging smile. "Go on." She said, waving goodbye. Bridget sent her a mixed up look of anguish, terror, loathing and confusion.

Standing at Cales from door, Bridget contemplated just going home. She hadn't knocked yet, it could be easily done. Silencing those thoughts she pulled her fist up, about to rap on the door, when luck would have it, Elijah pulled the door open. Her lips sat slightly agape and no words were in her mouth.

"Are you here to see Cale?" Elijah asked after a second. Bridgt nodded, closing her lips shut tight and pulling her arm by her side. Elijah stepped back, opening to door. "Come in. I'll go get him." He said, about to turn around when fastened footsteps caught both their attention. "Or maybe I won't." Elijah said, seeing Cale come down the stairs.

Cale slowed his steps at seeing Bridget beside his brother at the door. She looked uncomfortable, nervous. "Bridget's here to see you." Elijah said, stating the rather obvious.

Cale nodded and answered him sarcastically. "Yeah, I see that."

Elijah grinned at Cale. "Well alright then, I'm going out." He waved shortly before leaving through the front door.

"What are you doing here?" Cale asked, bluntly, unlike himself.

Bridget had expected his attitude towards her wouldn't be so nice to start with. And it was all justified in her mind. Her eyes twinged the littlest bit at his crisp tone despite herself. "I wanted to talk to you." Her line of vision kept focused on a lamp atop a close cabinet, to avoid his pondering eyes.

Cale immediately pulled back his defences when she spoke to him. First she came to his house and then she was talking to him without them being in some awful situation. Something had changed to make Bridget act this way.

"Okay." He replied, much calmer and softer than before. He took a couple of steps toward the lounge room and turned back to motion towards her. Sitting down beside one another, though with plenty of room between them, Bridget felt her nerves soar.

She bit the inside of her lip and faced away from Cale. "I actually didn't plan anything to say." Bridget almost whispered with a raspy voice, she cleared her throat. "I guess I should have done that."

"It's fine." Cale assured her, she was talking. As far as he was concerned, that was worth more than anything else.

Bridget inhaled a long breath and let it out. "I'm sorry." She said, sparing a glance at Cale. For a second, her eyes met his but she tore them away just as quickly. "I, uh, you were trying to help me and..." She sputtered, not finding the right words. Her mind was running a mile a second, searching for something that made sense, making her all the more flustered and angry with herself. "Danny was...he was...was my friend, my only friend." The words weren't coming easily and her patience was dissapating fast. She stood up, her fists clenched tight by her side. "He was my best friend and...now..." Finally the pressure was too much, her chest heaved, Bridget pulled a hand to rest abover her shirt. "I don't...I can't." She breathed before fleeing the room in search of the front door.

Cale followed her, he caught her as she pulled the door to his house open. One of his hands held her arm, the other went to her face. She fought to catch her breath, closing her eyes.

"It's okay." Cale whispered to her. He pulled her close and leant forward, until her forehead was against his. "I understand." He said, stroking aside some loose strands of her hair. "I'm not trying to replace Danny, I would never." He noticed her start to calm down. Cale moved his hand on her arm to rub her back.

Bridget looked up at Cale, her shallow breaths still eratic. He was all over her, her mind screamed. His hand was on the side of her head, his thumb tracing her cheek, the other stroked up and down on her back. She could smell him clearly, feel his cool breath on her face and his heart beat against her hand for it lay across him. She was swamped with the warm feeling of being touched, caressed and soothed.

Her body seemingly took over from there, leaving both Cale and Bridget shocked by her actions. She leaned forward, stretching on her toes, and captured his lips with hers. It was innocent and lacking confidence, but it was a kiss. Realizing what she was doing in the prolonged chaste kiss, she made to pull back.

Cale stopped her, she stepped back and he stepped forward, taking her lips again. He pushed his kiss harder on her lips, slightly parting his. Bridget made a small whimpering sound. Cales hand found hers, he entwined their fingers. Bridgets other hand dangled by her side until she found the courage to grasp Cales shoulder.

All sense of of their kiss was shattered though when Elijah barged through the front door. They were standing so close the door literally knocked them, with the realization, they flew apart.

"Why were standing so close to the door?" Elijah asked, when neither Bridget nor Cale answered he smirked and leaned against the door frame. "Am I interupting something?"

"I have to go." Bridget mumbled, embarassed not only for being caught but for kissing Cale in the first place. Elijah moved out of the way, allowing a path out the door. Bridget spared Cale a short glance before ducking her head and leaving. "Bye."

"Bridget, wait!" Cale called, attempting to follow her. He couldn't though; as soon as Bridget had exited, Elijah had moved back to his place, baragading the door.

Elijah shook his head, his die hard smirk still present along with his boyish looks. "You are so dead when mum and dad find out."

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