One day at his home, a flash animator by the name of Ben Spurgin known affectionately as the "Stick Slayer" was busy working on his flash project when he slams his head to the desk. He have been pulling several all-nighter to finish his work hoping to get it done sooner but it begins to take it's toll due to lack of sleep and stress.

"I can't take it anymore" he groans

"Is something wrong dear?"

Ben looks up and it's his mother who walked in after hearing him slamming his head.

"What's wrong Ben? You have been up all night, come to think of have been doing this for the past few days" she said

"I'm alright mom, I just need t-"

"No, you need to rest, you can't just risk your well-being just to work on your flash animation about stick figures"

"I guess you're right, I'll stop for a bit"

Then the next day, Ben Spurgin was out for a walk to breathe some fresh air for the first time in weeks when he came across a drug dealer. Figuring that he'll need a boost in order to finish his latest flash project, he came upon a druggie and said "How much for a bag?"

"$500" the dealer said

"You have got to be fucking kidding me, that much?"

"What do ya expect? It's illegal so of course it'll cost that much"

"Might as well, it's better worth it!" he said while going to the bank to withdraw his savings he earned from his night jobs.

After returning moments later, Ben went on to purchase a bag of coke and went home. Later that night while struggling to work on his flash project, the stress begin to rise even higher than last time and so with that, he decided that he need a fix. He takes out a bag of cocaine that he have hidden from his mother and roll up a dollar bill before putting it on his nose where he then proceeds to start sucking up the magical white powders. Feeling the rush he have never felt before, the boost enables him to continue to work on his flash project.

"Whoa! Just what I needed!" he yells

His mother ran in saying "What happened?"

"BEAT IT!" Ben screams

Then she ran off crying.

"So what, they just don't care about us!"

He didn't know what the hell he's talking about but proceed to work on his flash project. But then later that night the stress returns and so he took another whiff of the magic dust to help him cope for a time being, but doesn't realize that it will eventually lead to his undoing.

The next morning...


Startled, Ben woke up saying "Who is it?"

He look up and saw his mom holding a bag of his hidden stash in front of him, he can see that she's mad.

"What is this?" she said

"Um...powder sugar?" he stupidly replies

"Don't lie to me, where did you get those?"

"Billy Mays?"

"Do you honestly expect me to believe you?"

"Okay, okay, I bought it from a local drug dealer, happy now? Jeez!"

"No I'm disappointed in you!"

"So what are ya gonna do?"

"Leave the house"



"C'mon mom, can't I just..."


Without any protest, Ben Spurgin have left the building...for few days anyway. After that Ben came back home to apologize when he saw his mother came towards him with a blank facial she going to kill him because she caught him doing drugs?

Surprisingly she hugged him.

"Oh Ben, I shouldn't have kicked you out" she sobbed

"It's okay mom, I'm staying and no matter what happens, I will finish my latest flash project!" he said

"I'll go and cook something"

"Okay, I will finish it, I can't let my fans in Newgrounds down!"

Then he begins to start working...

Few weeks later, Ben Spurgin died from a drug overdose...his latest flash project was never completed...

"This is it I guess" Ben sigh as he lies in his death-bed...