(A ripping adventure and romance, told in the poetic style of Rudyard Kipling. Please comment nicely!)

The air was heavy with danger and gloom,

Deep in the shadows of the Rajah's tomb.

Great was the treasure that was buried there,

And Samantha Foster would have her share.

It wasn't just money or fame she sought,

For Sam had learned all that her father taught.

The brown-eyed beauty with the honey-gold hair,

Just had to prove she could do a man's share.

Now walking by her side was Mike McBride,

A Montana cowboy with lots to hide.

Mike had a feeling they both might die,

And he wanted Sam bad but couldn't say why.

At the final doorway he took her arm.

"Sugar, my job is to keep you from harm.

Let me go first – you can have the glory.

As long as you're around to tell the story."

Sam didn't like it when her heart turned flips,

She frowned at Mike's face and ignored his lips.

His face was hard but those lips were tender,

Making her think of shameful surrender.

"Don't think I can't handle the cobra's curse.

I've been around, Mike, and I've seen much worse.

You can go back now, if you're still in doubt,

I really don't need you and – Mike, look out!"

Sam's knife flew faster than Mike's best shot,

She nailed the cobra in a vital spot.

He dropped like a stone from the ledge above,

"So much for the curse we've been thinking of!"

Mike couldn't argue when Sam looked so bold,

Though the cobra in the curse was made of gold.

Sam was so damned smart and sexy and trim,

She had too much class for a guy like him.

Going on alone, Sam felt a bit cruel,

It wasn't Mike's fault if she played the fool.

He wasn't the type that a girl could kiss,

Or ever imagine in wedded bliss.

The chamber grew narrow and very dark,

So Sam lit a lamp and she saw a spark.

Two ruby-red eyes in a serpent's face,

A golden cobra was guarding the place.

This was the serpent that the Rajah made,

To mark his treasure and make men afraid.

But Sam feared nothing and she met his gaze,

The red eyes glowing in a golden haze.

Now was the time to gather up treasure,

Though Sam didn't crave a life of pleasure.

Those ruby-red eyes were certainly bright,

Casting a spell in the flickering light.

"Funny how those eyes seem to glow so red!"

Sam felt so dizzy that she shook her head.

The longer she gazed, the more dazed she felt,

Soon dropping her tools and equipment belt.

Strange pictures took shape in her foggy mind,

Of life long ago, and the slave-girl kind.

Sold to a Rajah who ruled far and wide,

And who looked just a bit like Mike McBride!

Sam swayed on her feet, suddenly so tired,

And closing her eyes saw all she desired.

Great honor and fame, and riches and more,

And thinking of Mike, she sank to the floor.

Meantime the walls were starting to shake,

Mike called to Sam but she failed to awake.

He kicked in the door, and carried her out,

But left the gold they'd been hearing about.

Sam came around later in Mike's embrace,

She reached up to touch his unshaven face.

With her fingers trembling she said, "I'm through."

And Mike understood and said, "I love you."

Some ancient secrets should remain unknown,

So says the cobra on his golden throne.

Samantha married Mike and became his wife,

And they both gave up the exploring life.

But deep in the jungle, danger still lies,

Beware a gold cobra with ruby eyes!