If Only Tonight


~ If only tonight, If this is all I got, If I can't have your love, I won't get back up this time. If only tonight, I'll race you to the sun, before the morning comes, if I can change your mind. It's only tonight, and tomorrow you're gone, and we're just a song, singing along...~

Music blasted on the speakers. She sang along with the song, driving down the gravelly road. The wind rushed in through the open windows, blowing her auburn hair around. The road was surrounded by a thick forest on either side.

Mia had always loved driving up north. Muskoka was the most peaceful place in her mind. She loved going up to her parents cottage, even if she was going to be alone. She had finally gotten time off from work. After a hectic few months, she had deserved some time off.

She smiled as she saw her cottage come in to view. The lake behind it, made it look as though it was a picture that should have been on a postcard. Mia could feel herself relax as she parked her car.

Stepping out of her Dodge Challenger, Mia didn't bother to lock the doors or roll up the windows. She had the keys, and no one else was around.

The sunlight glinted off her eyes, making her emerald green eyes more pronounced. Mia licked her parched lips. She was thirsty. She leaned in to the car, grabbing her water bottle and taking a long refreshing drink, before placing it on the hood of her car. She was glad she had dressed in a light dress and capris. It was quite warm. I'm home, she thought. Even though being home brought her joy, there was still something tugging on her heart. Mia pushed the thoughts to the back of her mind.

Taking a quick view of the place, Mia felt a little at peace. She had just begun to take her things out of the trunk, when her phone beeped. Perplexed, she went through the pockets of her dress in search of the phone. Who could be messaging me now? She thought. Those that knew her knew she was on vacation. She was sure even he did...although he was the reason she had gone on vacation in the first place. To get over us...she thought, miserably. The pain in her heart had never left. She had tried to mask it, tried to avoid it, but still her heart felt broken.

She drew a breath of relief when she found it. Clicking on the screen only to find: One new text message, Mia sighed. Who is it this time? She thought out of curiosity. Open now? The phone was asking her. She shook her head as she clicked 'yes'.

'In your hometown...really wish you were here...' It read. As she looked to who had sent her the message, Mia's breath caught. He's here? In the same country? She thought, in awe. Her heart was pounding, as though just reading his name had brought it back to life.

Just knowing he was so close, Mia could barely breath. Her mind clouded with thoughts of him. How many nights had passed when all she could think of was him? His striking blue eyes, jet black hair, and that voice...that deeply melodic sound of him...

Her fingers shook as they held on to the phone. Should I reply? She asked herself, feeling conflicted. Weren't they over? At that moment she wished one of her friends was here. They would have known what to do.

Her mind was fighting a losing battle with her heart. Mia made up her mind. Her breath shaking with nerves.

'But I am here...' She typed on to her phone. Before she could think about any of the repercussions involved, Mia clicked send. The message was gone with a blink of an eye. With that she put the phone in to her pocket once more.

No sooner had she turned to get her things from her car, her phone started to ring. It wasn't the beep that signaled that a text message had been received...it was a ring telling her who was calling.

A smile made it's way on to her lips. It couldn't be helped. Mia pulled her phone out again and answered it.