My Perfect Man

By: Payton

He is tall and fun

Athletic and strong

He understands me

And knows my song

He makes me laugh

When all I do is cry

He loves to talk to me

And never wants to say goodbye

He has perfect, cute hair

And sparkling eyes

An amazing smile

And looks to the skies

He raises my spirit

When it is down

And lifts me when we hug

We can talk without a sound

He knows my strengths

And helps me when I'm weak

He always makes me happy

And never makes me sink

He tells me I'm beautiful

The most beautiful girl he has ever seen

He loves to hold me

And keeps me under his wing

This may sound too romantic

And maybe kind of fake

But this is the guy I want

And this is his make

I hope I will find

This wonderful guy

I want him in reach

So he can be mine