By: Payton


What's the point?

Many teens as this

They like the life the have at hand

They don't want to listen

Because they don't understand

Modesty is important

To both girls and boys

It helps boys not to sin

And makes girls look graceful with poise

It helps boys concentrate

On more important things in life

They save "those thoughts" for later reasons

They only look at their future wife

And girls, this is better for you

It gives you a good name

It makes you look cute

And you get the GOOD kind of fame

Dressing in a modest way

Isn't that hard

You just have to learn how to

Like driving a car

Once you get the hang of it

You can add your own style

It will become natural

After you do it for a while

So I challenge you all

To give it a shot

You don't know till you try

You may give a new definition to the word "hot"