I see your face
In my mind
Scared to death
A place to hide
Your eyes so clear
Searching my features
Every detail
Burning your eyes
Right into you
I see ever crack
Every laugh line
Every color, dimple
Your nose wrinkles when you smile
Your eyes sparkle
Your cheeks tighten
Your entire face lights up
Like when the rising sun
Shines on you each morning
I see that blush
When you look away
Your embarrassed laugh
You are beautiful
Everything about you
And I love you
Everything about you
You are perfect
But I wish I could call you min
Because those perfections
I no longer deserve
I took you for granted
You deserve better
You deserve a life of no pain
A good hand to be dealt to you
You are a good person, I am not
Forget about me
Leave me
I am gone
But no matter
I love you