This is what I think of my life
I think of it as a butterfly
It starts off struggling to grow and crystallize
But when it does it feels beautiful and graceful
Like nothing can touch it

It's perfect
It's done its job of getting to where it is today
It can soar into the horizon and never come back
It can be free
Free of bars and cages and obstacles
It can just fly as it is
It can soar into the horizon
Until all you see is a speck of beauty and delight
And it's so far yet, it's so near

And it's like I've been wearing a mask all my life

And whenever something comes up, I use it to hide behind
And I know people in my life see this right away
But, for once I feel as if I'm moving out of that mask
Turning another page
But, where I am right now

It feels like I've only made it halfway
I got through the growing
I managed to crystallise

But I never awoke
It's like how when you're reading a book
And you get to a really good part
And you turn the page, but it's missing
So the whole story is ruined
Because that page is gone
And you can't get it back

So, I think
You are that missing page
Finally found
That can finally lead me to the end
Of my life and soul
Of my wondering