Garrett sat alone on top of his blue ford minivan, with his hands in his pockets. With a sigh he laid backwards to stare at the stars. He didn't want to run away, he didn't want to leave his fiancé and unborn child. But something was bothering him; His age. Only seventeen and getting ready to get married, it was a mistake. And even if he loved his girl friend more then he loved watching the stars, something told him this was not the time for him to settle down. He wanted to travel the world and see every star there was to see, he wanted to make something of himself. Not stay in this godforsaken town and smoke weed and get drunk all the time. He didn't want to end up shriveling away cross-legged in a flower patch one day with dreads down to his back smoking a bong with his fourteen year old son while the rest of his children ran around but naked singing a made up song about "mother Earth".

Of coarse most of his friends wanted that future, and his soon to be wife wanted that future, but not him. Not Garrett. So instead of letting his "hippie side" take over his life, he cut his hair repainted his van and drove to the highest ledge above the town for one last look at his home. Boone North Carolina was an amazing place to grow up. But Garrett wanted more the Boone had to offer. He had been gone for three days now and was pretty sure the whole town was looking for him. And I don't mean that sarcastically, or metaphorically. The town at this time: 1968 Boone's population was little over 300 people, maybe less.

Garrett smiled as he hoped of his van and jumped in the seat, threw the open drivers side window.

"Goodbye little town, and hello big cities!" he called out over the small town as he drove away from the only place he new as home. In his hand he held a gold compass rose no larger than a pocket watch. It had been passed down from generations. Garrets father had given it to him the night he had expressed the news of Julia's pregnancy, and that they were to be wed.

His father had told him stories of the compasses background since the day he was old enough to understand. According to the stories, the compass had belong to the husband of an old Salem which (his great, great, great grandfather) during the time of the hangings. It was said to guide any man to the heart of his riches. Garret had been raised on the tail and intended to do just that. His plan was to become wealthy and sportive, enough so that he could return one day and take Julia and his unborn offspring to live in the city. Sadly, that day would never come. You see… Garret was being tailed. By three… vary dangerous men.

THREE DAYS PREIVIOUSLY; Night was just about to fall. Mikaoru lay lazily next to his twin brother, in the dark set bedroom. The room was Japanese romantic décor, to set the mood of the twin's culture. A single mirror stretch across an entire wall, the low black framed bed was up against this. The bed had thick dark curtains surrounding it. The rest of the walls were black, with splatters of neon green, purple, blue, red and orange paint. The windows were hardly visible threw the heavy dark curtains closed tightly, and sealed by small metal latches. A room only a vampire could inhabit, let alone see in.

Mikaoru rolled from his pillow into the warmth of his brothers arms, snuggling happily into the "oh so familiar" chest, of his identical hazel eyed, black haired twin. Both of them had hair to their shoulders, of which would never grow nor could be cut. Mikaoru and Mikuru were two of the same. Perfectly unison. perfectly identical. In fact if it weren't for the lip rings on opposite sides of their lips, no one would ever be able to tell them apart. Not even their voices seemed to differ. The only way one could tell one from the other, without the use of their lip piercings, was to now each of them… Vary well.

In their free time the two were known to cause trouble, pranking and scaring the shit out of any one who happened to pass by their raider, and it was hard not to pass their raider. These boys, or vampires, were quite the extraordinary phenomena. Total freaks of nature in the strongest use of the word.

Every vampire was entitled to his or her powers. Normally ranking any were from 3-4 of any type, all of witch were classed and, category. The twins… were labeled legendary. Their powers exceeding the limit of 3 or 4 to an astounding 36 individual abilities, and counting. The two had accomplished more then any vampire had in the course of 300 years that would normally take over 5000.

They were a living prophecy. A legend. And the reason for several wars that had recently broken out over the vampire society, it was the Aurora Empire (the largest eldest empire in the world) against every one else. The pixies wanted the twins' demise, the wizard world wanted to separate them, the vampire cults and clans all wanted them for claim, and a number of beings wanted to harvest their magic and use it for their own.

One of the most admired abilities the two controlled was to be able to feel the pull of supernatural energy. Powers humans had that they didn't know they had, or had kept secret in order to remain rouge (uncategorized).

Their responsibility for having this gift, was to alert queen Aurora, and (if authorized) they… take care of the problem. Every now and then a new blimp would appear in the radar like minds of the twins. For the last 300 years, no one exceptionally powerful popped out at the twins.

Suddenly Mikaoru froze, he knew at this point his brother was awake, and that he had felt the same mystical pull as he did.

"What is it?" Mikuru whispered downward toward his brother. He wasn't asking what was wrong, Mikaoru knew this much. He was asking what the hell was on the other side of the world that they had missed before. And the answer… was beyond him.

Black trails of mascara ran down her cheeks and left a stained river down Julia's white dress. Her bouquet of flowers dropped to the ground. The faces of her friends and loved ones looking up at her from their seats in the church. Disbelief clouded her expression as she stood at the end of the large hall looking on from the door at her marriage alter. Her Garret was not there. Her "to be" husband didn't even show up.

Why had no one stopped her from entering the room? Why had no one told her that he wasn't there? Questions pored from her head to her trembling lips, but not a sound was uttered. Not a sound…. But one word.

"Why?" She cried aloud. "Why?" again she screamed, still no one came to her rescue. Her sisters all hung their heads but did not take a step toward the girl, her mother sat strait in her place staring at Garrets mother in udder disgust.

"Why?" the word echoed threw the silence of the church, in her lovely cracking voice.

Garrets parents sat in shock, were had he gone? They had only seen him about an hour ago.

"It was the woman meant to merry the couple that spoke first after rushing to the troubled young lady now falling to the ground holding her hand to her plump baby bump.

"Where is the groom?" Her voice boomed her long braid nearly touching the floor.