Garret woke in a cold sweat, the nightmare of the previous night eluding him of his latest responsibility. After folding the large blue futon mattress back into a couch like lump in the back of his bus, he groggy made his way to the searing wheel. The ever present memorize smell of his mother's scrambled eggs in the back of his mind.

'HUNGRY!' was what his stomach said, unfortunately his mind made the conscious decision to ignore the first few breakfast bars and waffle houses he past. He didn't know why but, he had to keep moving.

What's more is that the north hand on the compass would glow a bright blue every time he entered an intersection. Garret (nearly convinced that the thing was taking him to New York) followed it religiously, knowing that the city was famous for its integrity and riches. On the contrary he was quite wrong, and was no were near New York. In fact he had been driving in circles around North Carolina for about three days now. Apparently the compass only worked with a map.

Aurora was sitting quietly at her desk when the phone rang.

"What do you want?" She spat bitterly into the receiver. "And it better be interesting because I'm quite busy." On the contrary, Aurora was not busy at all, in the least. The royal bitch had spent the last hour and a half doing nothing at all, but titling with paper and playing with her family tree. Occasionally she would switch on the British tele and embarked to her young son how remarkably foolish she found the human race, only to find that he disagreed entirely.

Miku's voice on the other line sounded like complete gibberish. Panicky, excited... could it be he was a tad bit worried?

"Slow down! Slow down! Mikuru put your godforsaken brother on the line!" Aurora growled impatiently as the clone desperately tried to enplane the situation.

"You're Majesty? Something has happened, something big." Mika rang out elaborately.

"And just what is 'something', my love?" Aurora cooed affectionately. Aurora's relationship with the two was anything but professional. It was entirely love-hate, as in she loved one twin (Mika/Mikaoru), and loathed the other (Miku/Mikuru). Why? Because she had much reason to believe the boys were acting in an incest, and had chosen the elder as her mate; Therefore, jealous of the younger brother, and not quite approving of his relationship with his twin. She could of coarse separate them by force, but Mika would hardly be a willing afar, and in that case she would not be impregnated, due to the complications in a vampire's birth. Stress on the father in these cases was much worse than stress on the mother.

"We've found the third legendary in the prophecy." He breathed accelerated. Aurora's eyes widened, as she took the phone from her ear and covered the receiver with one hand.

"Aidan, darling; go play nicely with your sisters." She hissed at her inelegant so, who glared but moved carelessly towards the office door.

"Why did you not feel him sooner? Was he just born? Just conceived? I WANT DETAILS!" She barked threw the phone as soon as Aidan was out of ear shot.

"From what we can tell he's seventeen years old, of English heritage, and a wizardry background." Miku piped in. He was most defiantly hiding something.

"Where is he?" She hissed.

"Where, or wear?" Mika remarked sarcastically.

"America." Aurora growled darkly. Of all places, a worldwide vampire icon was in the center of wolf property.

"Get Joel, It's time to contact Stone." With that the blond hung up the phone, her blue eyes shading slowly to a red and black squiggle of vampire magic.

Aurora sighed. With slight hesitation, she dialed the number she knew by heart, the number she knew would be the same. Even since the invention of the telephone. Passionately she waited, listening to the wary ring, waiting for an operator. Finally "his" voice was calmly answering.

"Aurora, it's been a while." he chuckled huskily.

"I didn't call to chat." Aurora exclaimed exasperated.

"So I figured. What exactly is your favor in question?" he gloomed in mock despair.

"Who said I was asking a favor?" Aurora spat defectively, fettering with her thumbs as she balanced the phone between her shoulder and elegant ear.

"Like you said yourself, my dear, you did not call to chat." He sighed again. "This indicates business; which implies a favor on my own part."

"Stone," There was a short silence. "We found the boy."

"Ah, what does this concern me? You know my country is strictly neutral." Stone elaborated. "We don't want part in your world wars, dear Aurora."

"He's in wolf territory, you're Country may be neutral, but your pack is allied with the Aurora Guard and the Aurorae empire. Not retrieving him would be treason." Aurora explained. "This implies war; in which you would be forced to apply a side." She mocked, smile in her tone.

"I appreciate your articulate glow, Rora. Where are we meeting?" Stone growled obediently.

"Same place, Baltimore Maryland, The docks."

"How long will your people be?"

"Less than, forty-eight hours."

"You're sending the brats and their watch cat aren't you?"

"The twins will behave if you choose to as well. As for Joel, That's entirely up to his mood."

"Very well." with that Stone hung up leaving the dial tone in Aurora's ear. A single tear swelled and fell from her eye, making a small creek down her pail soft cheek.

"There was a time I called you friend, Stone, Even a lover. That time has long past." She whispered at the dead phone line. With no one to answer back and emotions swelling, Aurora crippled and landed her head upon her desk. Silently she wept. Not hanging up her end of the phone, it dropped with her hand then slid from her fingers in anguish. Four-hundred years. Four-hundred years since she had heard his voice. And four-hundred years, his betrayal still stung.

"Okay" The twins whispered silently.

"One." Mika.

"two." Miku.

"THREE!" They spoke together, their voices mixing perfectly, as they pulled a thick horse hair rope.

Paint pregnant water balloons fell, and splattered over the royal meeting room; causing elders, and members of the Aurora Empire to flood from the antique decorated meeting office.

All of them screaming/cursing, all of them covered in brightly assorted neon paint, of all colors. The last sulking out the door, painted a pretty purple.

"Thought, we'd get you out of class a little early." Mika grinned sarcastically toward the glaring purple face. Joel closed his eyes with a look of desperation.

"Do you like our pretty colors?" Miku mused.

The look Joel shot them could have killed any other pranksters. At the very least would have sent them cowering to their knees begging for forgiveness; But, not these particular two. The twins had grown quite accustom, to Joel's many horrific faces by now; having spent, the last 300 years, as his two trickster sons.

"This is not, one of your best, my boys." He growled as they put their arms simultaneously around each of his shoulders, and pouted mockingly.

"All work and no play will make Joel a dull boy." chorused the dark haired brats.

"No work and all play make's two special twins, irresponsible." Joel added deliberately.

The twins clicked their tongs in disapproval towards Joel's accusation, but said nothing as they lead their father to the Gogol library. The Gogol Library was possibly the largest in the world; Home to googols of books, leading in a spiral of corridors, and levels into the heavens. Only one person in the world had been to the top and lived to tell the tale. That one person was Aiden Joel Aurora, himself; the youngest, brightest, and bravest, of the Aurora royalty. Prince Aiden had gone missing for a month, leaving both his mother and Father in fits.

The fourteen year old boy had run when he discovered the awful truth of his own mother, and come back, with detailed accounts of round glass roofs, and galaxies full stars.

Clusters of written day-dreams, and horrors that not even the ugliest of human monsters could think of. Sadly, none believed them. His discoveries were pushed to the side as tall tales, or myths. Still, after three years, Aurora has banned him from going past the fourth floor.

Googol Library held every bit of information written down since the dawn of time. It stored every language ever known, and some unknown; every childhood fantasy, every thought translated onto paper, everything. You're sister's diary? Brother's Journal? The Googol has it; Picture books? Memories? Entire rooms full. Birth records, even a sushi shop (yes, a sushi shop) it's in the Googol library; Except for one thing: The prophecy.

"Who says we haven't done any work?" Miku chuckled darkly.

"Who says we're irresponsible." Mika finished with the same devious smile. Joel looked between the two bamboozled.

"What have you found? What did you do?" He demanded in a sing-song parental voice, as the dark haired identical devils pulled him into the library's glass elevator. Miku pressed the button marked 27. The elevator shot to life, darting them up at the speed similar to a four wheel jeep. Joel's curiosity deepened, but the moment it had, his instinct told him to worry.

"Something spectacular," Miku finally answered.

"Someone spectacular," Mika corrected.

"You're exceptionally wrong for thinking us irresponsible and non working." They chuckled together.

"Well when you have time to fill dozens of water balloons with neon pain, and hang them in a pool net above an office meeting, one starts to wonder." Joel drowned. "Now what exactly have you found?"

The twins glanced at each-other with a wicked look of excellent.

"We've found the third legendary." the two smiled together.

Joel's eyes widened. "Where is she? What is he?"

"Why does EVERYONE want to know where he is?" Miku complained, making a desperate glance at Mikaoru.

"Because, dear brother, they want to find him and take them here." Mika grinned in soft explanation.

"Ahh, I see. So they can hoard him off, and keep him for themselves." Miku frowned looking at his toes.

"How unfortunate, He'll turn out just like us." Mika chuckled setting a hand on his brother's shoulder.

"Well now, that doesn't sound too bad." Miku chuckled. On the contrary; the fact that they had found the last link in their own story, frightened them. For centuries it had been only the two of them. They could take on full armies of potentially lethal supernatural species, and come out of winners without a scratch… hypothetically anyway. They were the center of attention in two hundred countries. Now, this new guy could steel their rain of glory.

"Let's hope He won't be anything like you." Joel snapped. "Now, detail."

"North Carolina," Mika sighed.

"Some were between Ashville and Tennessee." Miku added reluctantly.

"We're to meet Stone before 3:0oam tomorrow morning." They said together.

"We'll fly then. By the way... How old is he, and were is his family status?"

"He's alone."

"We have reason to believe he's been orphaned."

"He's sixteen..."

"Seventeen, brother." Mika corrected darkly.

"Perfect." Joel piped.