Convoluted Empire

My mind is marinated in this conundrum of who you genuinely are
Because whenever my eyes meet your appearance, the backpack
Slung on your shoulders somehow makes me judge you as a man
With the curiosity of a child, but when I give attention to your affable voice,
I'm unrestrained from doubt that your intelligence is beyond human capability

And I could yell at you to find hell so that your ubiquity is burnt to eternal death,
However, I'd rather denude you of all paraphernalia and whisper not to utter a single word
While I rest my head like a stethoscope against your bare chest so that I can
Auscultate and ponder the purpose of your heartbeat and I wonder if afterwards
The invitation to see you again under the night sky of gaia would be addressed to me

But for now I can only cajole this imagined procedure within my soul as I currently
Don't possess the bravery to introduce my micronation to your convoluted empire,
Nevertheless, I have faith in this tentative sun cradling my beatific dream that I'll eventually
Give light to a freshly mowed field of grass because I get the vibe that I'm the only person that
Has serious passion in assisting for recognition of your real self and that's exactly what you need.