Hey this is my first story so yeah. Enjoy!

My idea haha!


My heart was going to stop. I knew it would. I could feel every little move of the muscle. It was slowing down too fast for my happiness. I didn't have time to think about my life like every single book I read said. There was no light coming in my direction. This was not how I pictured death to be. Death was actually quick and had no mercy. It consumed you like a fire with paper. It took over and left nothing but ash.

I was laying on the grass on a hill with a willow tree's branches extending over me, covering me. Knowing that I would be covered by something else was disturbing. Dirt was cold. I would have that same ceremony that my best friend had. The Death ceremony.

I saw with my blurry eyes a shiny object that was pointing down over my chest. A sword. My tears spilled over like a river. I didn't have energy to stop him just energy to cry. But he was just like death: no mercy.

Okay there you go. Do what you do and I will be happy. Cheers! Happy New YEAR!!!!!