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Transporting was fun. The feeling of every cell you had being made smaller and taken apart was an unexplainable sensation. Less than a tickle but more than a touch. Sort of like the wind on your skin with light, warm rain. It was way different though. Again unexplainable. At first you would feel sick or dizzy but that would only last for a moment then the fun part began. The color was everywhere. In streaks like a rainbow but thinner and with sharp ends. You were surrounded by these as you flew. The color seemed to move in zig-zags if you focused on them for long enough. But to have the time to do that you would have to transport a long way. I had only done the distance once in my life.

The fun would last for about five seconds and then the next sensation would come. The 'Grab' as I called it. Most people called it the 'Jolt', but that reminded me of my former home. The Grab was like falling on a trampoline. It was gratifying to know that you would land on something that could catch you. It was also like falling on a pillow. Softness with a twist was what I thought of it as. But for once I was not happy about transporting. For once I didn't want to follow my father to the unknown.

I did not want to go to a school. School was for rich, ungrateful Movers. I didn't have to go to school, but my dad could now afford the best because of his fantastic new job. It was not common for a person to go to a school. "It's rare just like you" my dad said to me three times in the past two days. I rolled my eyes and went to my room every time. But as my body parts came back together and I was standing beside my father again I was having a hard time not liking the huge building in front of me.

I could barely see the front door let alone the entire building but the silhouette was enormous. Thirty times the size of my house. The front door was maybe the size of five of my doors. My mouth fell open and my eyes widened. I probably looked like a brainless human girl who saw a really good looking guy. I tried to fix how dumb I felt by changing my features.

"Pretty nice hey? You should see it in the morning when the sun is rising. Absolutely gorgeous what they did." My dad was looking at the shadowed structure with a satisfied look.

"Dad, I gotta say it isn't all that bad from the outside." I said with a smile. But unlike all the smiles I had worn recently this one was real. "Before I see the people and get the stares I want to say thank you."

He looked at me and smiled back. "Your welcome, hon. Try to keep that smile going."

"Okay. Lets get this done." Another person appeared behind us coming out of the transporter then another. There was swipe sound and a flash when they stepped out of the transporters circle. "And lets get a seat before we cause a scene."

I started to pull my dad to the front entrance only to be stopped by a man in a uniform. "Sorry but the ceremony will be held in the back today due to some security reasons. Just follow the light trees." He didn't smile at us but he was not glaring like people usually did. My dad nodded to him and said, "Okay thank you."

My head snapped up to find the tree's. They were by far my favorite. There, about ten meters away was a line up of light trees. I felt all warm inside as I looked at them. These trees were common in this part of the galaxy. But I loved them because they were so different from what I was used to. Being common must be easy. Being naturally liked must be great. Being the opposite of me would be nice.

The trees moved its branches as to look like it was being blown in the wind. Graceful but everyone knew that the branches were far to strong to be moved by a breeze. They liked to move. They liked to fit in with all the movers that were slowly growing in number around us. The leaves of the tree were glowing a bright yellow in the darkness and were beautiful. Like a firefly from earth but in a much different form. It was mind boggling to me. I just loved them. I was jealous.

I didn't realize that I was being moved by my father until the trees that were lined up to follow and overhang the path were behind me. My head strained to look back at them but they were directly behind me. I sighed and looked at my father. His face was broad and muscular. One would think of him as Pusher. No my father was not a Pusher at all. He was too kind and caring to be one. And well he was born a Voice.

A Voice was like a musical human but way better. We could do thing with our vocals. Sonic was one of these things. It was when we used our voices to crush things or make another creature crumble at the amount of pressure on there ears. But I never used it on anyone. I used it on cans and stuff like that but if I used it on a living thing I would be considered more evil than people thought I already was. But there were many different things we could do like match someones voice perfectly. I did that when I was making fun of my dad.

There were many people around us now. We would have to sit in the back which is exactly what I wanted. The building was still huge on the side too. It had white pillars that I could see in the dark. They were probably as high if not higher than my own home. Twenty-five meters maybe. I was a sucker for this kind of style. My dad must have planned it. I mentally glared at him.

When we rounded a corner, still on the path, and then I saw how things would be. This ceremony would be killer. If I caught any ones attention it would be a disaster. They would know what I was and then the news would carry around everybody in this back yard like it always did. The setup of seats were in rows and all of them were facing the massive stage closer to the school. I sighed and squeezed my dad's arm. This would be a long evening.

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