We barely knew each other. He was cousins with a girl in my English class and transferred to our school. I was introduced to her cousin and I can still remember the first words we've ever exchanged. The words that changed my school year.

"Hey Mel." A boy's gruff voice said while I was squatting, trying to find my English notes. They were in my bag somewhere, I looked up briefly and saw the new guy. Dark hair swept to the side, tall, nice build, couldn't see his eyes though. My legs started to hurt so I tipped myself backwards so I'd land on my ass.

"Oomph." Melissa and the boy beside her glanced at me and I waved them off, signalling I was fine. Looking through my bag I found the notes and stood up, brushing my butt off before handing them to Melissa with a smile.

"That's everything you missed, plus we had to read Chapter 15." I said, she sent me a grateful smile and a one-arm hug.

"Thank so much, Mikki. I owe you big time." She said with a grin. Then she blinked at the boy beside her and I brought my eyes towards him, he was staring at me. I found it unnerving and squirmed under his gaze. He had dark blue eyes. They were pretty mesmerizing.

"Oh yeah. Mikki, this is my cousin Jonah. Jonah this is my best best best best best best fr-"

"Nerd to mooch off of." I cut her off. She glared and I grinned, looking through the corner of my eye I notice the edge of Jonah's mouth twitching upward. Figuring he wasn't going to do it first, I stuck my hand out.

"Mikki." I said, offering a small smile. He smiled back and shook my hand.

"Jonah. And I would like to go out with you." He said. I blinked. Melissa blinked. And then I looked confused.

"What?" I answered stupidly. He shrugged.

"Be my girlfriend." He said simply. Melissa gawked at him.

"You just met her!" She snapped. I nodded slowly.

"You did just meet me. Unless you've been stalking me, in which case I'd have to say yes since you've tried so hard." I said, letting myself grin a bit. His eyes were playful when he turned to me.

"So the only way you'll be my girlfriend is if I told you I've been stalking you." He said, eye brow raised. I tried to ignore how sexy he looked. I shrugged.

"That or you could actually get to know me?" I stated. Or asked. Whatever.

Melissa shook her head.

"This is too weird for me. See ya." She said and walked away. I giggled.

"She's emotionally wimpy." I stated. Jonah agreed before he reached out and took my hand.

"So?" He asked after a pause. I jumped a bit, recovering from my space-out session and I looked at him confused.

"So, what?" I asked, brows furrowing. He sighed, but smiled.

"I'd like you to be my girlfriend." He said casually. As if he had just asked for a drink. I blinked.

"...I've never been in a relationship." I pointed out. He shrugged.

"So I'll be your first."

"...I've never even kissed a guy." I was beginning to wonder why I was turning away this obviously attractive man. He rolled his eyes.

"Would you like me to change that right this moment?" He said, leaning toward me, I dodged him and shook my head.

"But wouldn't you much rather have an experienced girl like any of them?" I said, gesturing to the popular girls in the corner. He shook his head. I frowned.

"Why!" I crossed my arms childishly. This was stupid!

"Because I think you're adorable." He said with a smirk, and kissed my hand. I pulled my hand away, blushing.

"And I think you're insane." I muttered. He cleared his throat and the noise made me turn my head back towards him. He pouted.

"Please give me a chance? If we don't like each other then we can break up." He said, as if a relationship was like buying a shirt that could be refunded or exchanged within 30 days.

"But what if you exceed the 30 day limit." I muttered darkly. He looked confused.

"...What?" My eyes widened, realizing I said that out loud and then I shook my head.

"Nothing, nevermind." I mumbled.

"Well?" He asked, his tone bordering whining. I sighed and shrugged.

"I really don't know, I mean, can I think about it? Is this a decide-now-or-forever-hold-your-peace kind of thing? I mean, I'd like to think about it. Pros and cons? I'm a nerd like that. It's not like I wouldn't like to or anything, just, well... if I said I'd think about it, would you go hunting for another girl?" I rambled, ending up with that embarrassing question. He grinned slyly.

"Why? Jealous already?" He said. I glared.

"Shut up. Will you? Because, then I'd have to decide now, and I don't usually make good decisions under pressure." I muttered. He shook his head.

"You don't have to answer me now. But soon would be nice. You seem interesting, you're incredibly adorable and you look ambitious. I want to get to know you." He said. Then he kissed my cheek and walked away. I couldn't help the stupid grin that showed up on my face and I knew I didn't even have to think about my decision.

I told my friends what happened and they had heart attacks. Well no not really, because that would've been incredibly depressing and I'd probably blame Jonah and our happily-ever-after would cease to exist. But what they did do was laugh. They said I kept turning red. I have stupid friends.

"Stop laughing! God! I'm going to say yes, so be nice when you meet him." I snapped at Bryanna. She stuck her tongue out.

"Whatever, man. I'm here for you." She said and I smiled. Thank God.

"Oooh, I want to meet him!" Sage said with a little grin. I rolled my eyes. My friends will chase him away before my personality does!

So that afternoon, I found his locker and found him and I took a deep breath before walking up to him.

"Nervous about something?" He asked, closing his locker door and grinning at me. I frowned.

"Don't mock me, you jerk. I'm trying to work up the courage to say yes to you." I said, still frowning. He chuckled and I let it go because it just sounded so nice. He looked at me expectantly.

"Well?" He asked. I huffed.

"You have to ask before I can answer." I mumbled. In all honesty, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't just totally making a fool of myself right now. I wanted to see if it was a joke or not. I shuffled my feet at the responding silence and finally I looked up, he was smiled softly at me.

"Mikki, would you like to be my girlfriend so that I can get to know you because of your cuteness and interesting personality?" He said. He constantly tells me that the moment he said those words my eyes lit up brightly and he was blinded for a bit from my giant smile. I refuse to believe that though and just go with the happy shock and smiling shyly with a small yes coming from my lips.