(I crave you)

___being with him is like being opened up. all my stale insides are instantly swept up by the wind, and suddenly, I am new.
and something about that instantly makes me smile. and I am his before my brain has time to remember his name.
___and I used the bathroom at a starbucks on the way to his house because I knew, we won't be going inside, until we run out of breath (or that painting he leans me up against falls the floor).
___I am so unshy around him that I'm crippled by my honest intentions. truths spill from me at a rate unheard of. and my initial reaction to lie is consumed under his wandering left hand.
with his smile curved ever so lightly to the left, he comes to me. awash with youth and whiteness. I find it fantastic that he kisses me before he talks to me.
___he's the reason I can't stop smoking cigarettes. the smell reminds me so much of him that I can stop.
___I can't stop.
(I can't stop).