her red lips smile sleepily.

it's that smile that only he gets to see, for it will only ever be directed at him, in only his presence. it is only at night, when she will be away from the world that she lets him love her.

[the darkness was always the only time she could tell her secrets]

and he loves her.

she is on his bed, and he is there with her. he has always been there, it just took some time to accept it. he gives her one look, but looks at her ever. y. thi. ng. (he makes her feel beautiful.) then with one last breath, one last whispered, truth, (that she only reciprocates once he's asleep) he lays his head on her chest, arm across her bare torso, and falls straight asleep. (would you believe he was an incurable insomniac before he met her, and, well, a little afterwards too...) she waits for his weight to crush her, but of course, it never does. it feels just right.

she needs that.

yes, this is her sanctuary, her relaxing time, alone at night. habits are so hard to change, and she needs that weight: physical, emotional, to remind her that, yes, she is alone. alone with him.

and that makes all the difference.

oct 22 '09