Mother Mary, I kneel before this altar

to beg, to repent, to confess my sins most grave,

I plead you, help me resist this fatal nectar

that has been the death of king and knave.

With impure thoughts I have offended

my marriage to our Lord. My purity

has fallen, my virtue contended

by my brutish animality.

They do not know, those who reside

within these confines, of her spirit wandering.

Only I am shown these visions that never subside,

in the dull glow of fires flickering.

The scent of Eden lingers on the air

as Eve's perfume wafts through the cathedral walls.

All I see is the ebony head of hair

that haunts my dreams and these stony halls.

This most persist phantom plagues my days

and nights with her movements sweet.

Sometimes she dances, basking in lantern blaze,

entangling her form beneath my sheet.

O Lord, what sort of hellish gift has Satan sent me?

Ardent flames rage wild in her eyes

and waves of ashen tresses flow free,

cascading down the back of this demon in disguise.

Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa, God hear my wrongs!

She, appearing to me in candle smoke,

entranced me with her decadent songs,

ambrosia dripping from her lips as she spoke.

Mother Mary, hear my prayer!

This miserable soul begs you to exile

the serpent, the demoness standing there

beckoning me with her smile.