I woke, feeling groggy as always. I peered out the window at the December fog, very unusual in this part of the world. I sighed; just great it's so dreary. I thought Just great. Thick clouds hung dank and grey in the morning sky.

"The perfect way to start my first day of school." I told myself cynically. I peeled off the bed. I tripped back feeling light-headed but rose again a bit easier this time. I had a shower got dressed and headed down for breakfast.

"Morning mum." I said giving my elderly mother a hug. She'd had me when she was 40, making her 54 this year. She had fair skin and lovely sapphire eyes, I inherited both from her which I loved her dearly for. She smiled at me and sat a plate on the table. She'd given me a simple breakfast, toast. Boring I smiled slightly, breakfast isn't exciting at all.

"So, Tori." My stepdad appeared in the entrance to the kitchen.

"So, Jack." I said smirking. He gave me a really cold expression and rolled his eyes. He'd married my mum just last year. He was not an attractive man at all, he was tall-ish with dark brown hair and matching coloured eyes. He had an oddly pointed face and deadly pale skin making him look very vampyric. I hated vampires.

"Honey," Mum forced a smile "Be nice."

"Yeah, I know." I finished my toast and slung my backpack onto my shoulder which was sitting by the table. I got up and headed for the door "See ya this afternoon." I told mum, not even looking at Jack.

"Bye, Sweetie." Mum said, she sounded so nervous but I wasn't living with humans shouldn't be too hard, should it? I sure hope so. I started my short walk to my new school filled with humans.

My name is Tori Fledgling. My family and I moved to Australia from the UK a few weeks ago. In London, I went to a very special school. A school for Lycanthropods, or commonly known by humans as Werewolves or shape shifters. At that school, I really fit in. I was one of the few who didn't transform into a four-legged creature. I was quite happily different. I turned into a Raven, the Lycanthropods saw the raven as a sacred figure. Now, I have to live with humans as part of my training to be a Lycan Warrior and fight for our kind against the other species of monsters that prowled at night.

Unlike your stereotypical wolf, our kind did not transform in the full moon. Our power is at its peak then but we can change at will. It does take a lot of training to do it at your whim, many lose control and transform at random moments. We also weren't like the hungry, giant fur balls you see in movies. We are a fairly placid species. Yes, in our animal form we only found meat as a pleasurable food but in our 'human' form we could eat anything.

Sighing, I walked up the stairs starting my first day interacting with humans.

I checked the timetable the grumpy old lady gave me at the Office.

Home room

Period 1: Math

Period 2: Geography

Period 3: Art

Period 4: Art (again)

Period 5: English

Homeroom? We didn't have that at my old school we also didn't have Geography, History or Music class as this school did. Instead we had, Sword fighting, Horse Back Riding (don't ask) and self defence classes. I had a feeling this was going to be a very boring day.

As I entered the homeroom class, the 20 or so kids were chatting amongst themselves and being surprisingly well behaved. I always saw humans as a loud and morally detached species.

"Okay, "the teacher yelled "Quiet down!"

I stood besides her waiting for her to acknowledge my presence. She stared up at me.

"And you are?" she said coldly and gave me the same kind of look Jack did this morning. This lady didn't seem like the caring teachers at my old school, nor did she have any visible tattoos. At Hellsing Academy (yes, I understand the Irony of Van Hellsing), teachers wore what their specialties and ranks were in the forms of symbols printed on their skin.

"I'm Tori, Tori Fledgling." I gave her a bleak smile, at least I think it was a smile. If you hadn't noticed I'm not thrilled to be here. I ran my fingers through my dark Auburn hair. "I'm the new girl."

"Oh, okay." The grey haired woman told me. "Take a seat, anywhere its spare." I nodded taking a seat 3 rows from the back next to an onyx haired girl. She had the most peculiar violet eyes. I wanted to ask her if they were contacts, but I decided that might be a little rude.

She noticed me staring and glanced at me and then looked back at the front. The teacher started calling names for Roll Call. A dozen unfamiliar names were called. "Aurora Faen" the teacher called and the girl sitting next to me raised her hand and called "Present" more energetically than I'd expected.

My name was last on the role. I just raised my hand as the other students did. At Hellsing Academy (Let's call it HA from now on.) we didn't have Role Calls everyone followed the teacher's instructions and showed up everyday no matter what. I was already missing my old friends Cassidy and Loren. They were like my 'posse' and now I have no one. The bell went signifying we needed to move to first period.

Math seemed simple enough. Math at HA was fairly complicated so I think I'll go pretty well, considering the intellect of most of these humans didn't seem too high. In Math, I was put next to Aurora. I finished my work before anyone else, simple. Our math teacher, Mr. Jones, was very pleased and told the class they should be as dedicated to their work as me. I tried not to laugh.

The rest of the day went fairly fast. Except for lunch where I found myself sitting alone. I felt like going up to Aurora and actually talking to her, or maybe someone else in my class but I knew no one else's name. So, my first day drifted by uneventfully, hopefully tomorrow will be more interesting. I walked home quickly, not bothering to take in the finally warm weather. The fog and clouds cleared over the day and now it was quite nice. I really wanted to get home and have a conversation with someone.

"Mum, Jack. I'm home." I shouted upon entry to the house. No answer. I went into the kitchen, no one there either. I noticed a peice of paper sitting on it's own on the table. It was a note from mum.


Gone out be back soon.


It was scrawled on there like she was in such a rush. I went upstairs into my room and did my homework, first day and they'd already given me homework. I went to bed early, thinking about if tomorrow. I'd be a little more social and enthusiastic about being an eighth grader. I had to try and be normal. I drifted to sleep so easily which actually surprised me.