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You were leaving in a few hours for a different Island,
smaller than ours but big enough to fill the gap in your heart
that longed for action, adventure,
and getting the hell out of here.
Out of here, it seemed,
and away from me.
So I cried and I clung like static to pictures and memories
and the slight hope that you would reappear
and give back the piece of history you took.
I'm sorry for that.
I should've known my place,
should've known that the roadmap had changed,
that I was pulling you backwards, off course,
out of the way of your rightful place.
I should've realized that I wasn't crying for you,
but for who you had been, a protector, a friend,
who couldn't protect me anymore.
You're right, you don't belong here,
but I don't belong to you, either.
I can't be uprooted and pulled along for the next big thing
like a security blanket or a bottle of booze
or whatever you keep close to fall asleep at night.
It hurts when you tug on my hand and my heart,
saying you can't stay and I have to go, too.
It won't be long 'til you're packing up again,
heading to some new place I've still never been,
but it won't be long until you're back here again,
asking me for answers you refuse to understand.