Hope dangles on a string thin enough to snap at any moment. But still, it is there. I see a glimmer of light in an ocean of darkness. I can barely make it out, but still, I see it. If I can get to it, maybe that will change everything. I am lost in my mind and I cannot move through the sea of thoughts that anchors me down. The light is there, a speck in the distance. If I can release myself from the chains of regret, I can make it to the light. I try to lift my arms. I cannot move them an inch. I have sunk too deep into the quicksand of despair. It's pulling me under, farther into the ocean of thoughts that surrounds me. My head bobs up and down, in and out of the mind-water. I choke and splutter as I am pulled farther down. I need air. I have to stay above the water. I can't give in. I need to let go of these thoughts that plague me. I think with all my might about letting go and all the thoughts flood me at once. I go completely under the water. If I could move, I would be flailing hysterically. I can't give in. I need to live. I must go on.

And slowly I begin to move. Maybe it is a supernatural force helping me up, or perhaps it is my willpower to fight that leads me toward the surface. Either way, I am heading towards the air. I break free of the water and gasp for breath. I can move. I must head for the light. I slowly inch my way through the water. Each step I shed a memory off me. I forgive and forget. The light grows slightly brighter. But the thoughts are getting heavier. I begin to sink again. No! I must keep going. I have to reach the light. As I relive my darkest memories, part of me wants to give in and fall beneath the water. But the stronger part of me fights off my inner demons and slowly leads me toward salvation. The light grows ever brighter. I must reach it. I relive every horrid moment of my life. I scream aloud in anguish, but I need to keep going. I am almost there. I can nearly reach out and touch it. Just one more step.

And the worst moment of my life flashes through my mind. My little sister, dead in the car I'd crashed. Her broken body splayed across the rubble, her eyes glazed and lifeless. My fault, my fault, MY FAULT! I almost let myself be submerged. But she wouldn't want me to give in, I realize. She would want me to keep going. I take that last step and the light devours me. I can hear her calling my nameā€¦

I awake in a hospital bed, surrounded by my family. They look overjoyed that I am awake. I lift my arms and feel thick bandages around my wrists. My mother hugs me and we cry into each other's shoulders. Cry for me, cry for life, and for my little sister. Thank you, my dear sister, for bringing me back. Thank you for saving me. Wherever you may be, just know whatever happens here on Earth I do for you. I have seen the light. Thank you.