Know them, live them, love them; we all like reviews, but beware; you may find one and/or more of these kinds of reviewers


EXAMPLE: "OMG! It's so great! Please continue it!"

This kind of reviewer is likely to be a friend of the writer, and they want to be nice, but sometimes, they are a little "too" nice; remember, good reviews and compliments are good, but only if they contain some substance, not just a session of butt kissing in 10 words or less…


EXAMPLE: "Dis stori suks"

OK, OK, we all know a thing or two about Trolls, and I can't say anything that haven't been said before, but then again, if you're going to just insult or complain (again, with no criticism whatsoever) at least type right the freaking words (Uses the grammar of a mix between Old English and the title of some Scandinavian Eurodance song)


EXAMPLE: See "The Idolizer"

This reviewer is just the author, but with another account or as "anonymous", you know, to make his/her story a little more notable (I know it because I used to…well…nothing, nevermind)


EXAMPLE: "I liked your story, I really did, but, check all the errors, like in the first paragraph, where you (INSERT BORING STUFF HERE)…"

OK, nothing wrong about trying to fix bad grammar, and I actually find it useful, and I have to say that not all people who mentions the grammar mistakes are "bad", BUT there is one special kind of grammar who will lesson you about the English language, forgetting completely about, you know…the plot of the writing; remember, grammar advices are good, but missing the point, well…not so much.


EXAMPLE: "It's so kawaii!!!!"

This one may or not overlap with any of the other reviewers, but has the defined trait of use a Japanese word in every sentence; well, unless you actually understand Japanese, this kind of reviews are not good or bad…just confusing.


EXAMPLE: "I like your story, it has a very simple yet emotive plot; I think this character needs some work, but otherwise, I kind of like the way you're managing your story…"

This endangered species is the kind of reviewer that you, as an amateur writer really need: Not very "sweet" like the Idolizer, but either a complete a-hole like the Troll. He gives ACTUALLY useful stuff, concerning about plot, character development, suggestions, constructive criticism and similar topics. BE CAREFUL IF YOU SEE ONE! We need to preserve this species, for the future generations of writers.