Unmasking of a White Knight in Black 15

April Lucas ("Deena Sora Drake")

Creative Writing-Story 1

Final Draft

Unmasking of a White Knight in Black


A beautiful blonde young woman layed sleeping in bed, blissfully unaware of a danger approaching her. She dreamt a happy dream of meeting her true love. A pair of blue eyes was keeping watch from the bushes outside her bedroom window. The owner of these eyes waited for the danger he knew was coming for her tonight.

David only knew one thing, that he had to save her from the one who wished to due her harm, a harm most unspeakably horrible. He wouldn't let the creep do that to her, not then, or ever if the creep decided to try again after that night.

David was working the register at the town java joint today, a large building with the cash register in one corner, with a door to the back room behind it, and a platform along the same side of the building, at the other corner, with chairs and tables spread out He had been working on a small electronic invention in slow business times. Around one o'clock, he heard the door open, and saw a flash of yellow in the edge of his eye. He looked up, and it was Janice, her blonde hair shining in the sun. In her hand was a re-writable CD. David figured she had probably come to meet up with her best friend Karen again. She made a beeline for Karen's table without giving him so much a glance, which he had gotten used to by now. He watched her sit down, then went back to building his tiny gadget. He got a little farther to completing it, when he heard a voice behind him. He turned around, and Vince was standing in the doorway to the back of the building, beckoning him.

"Is Janice out there?" Vince asked.

"Yeah, she's out there talking with Karen. Why?"

"Just wondering. Man, whoever winds up with her would be one lucky guy."

Both David and Vince returned to their own business. David kept thinking about the tone of voice Vince used in his last sentence. He almost had a tone suggesting he all ready knew how to make Janice end up with him, whether she would like it or not. David had a bad feeling about Vince, which only made him worry for Janice's sake.

"Girl, I can't resist asking. What's on the CD? More of your love songs?" Karen teased.

"Actually, yes. I think this is the best CD I've ever made. The songs are all about being truly in love, and just living in that kind of sense of happiness and spiritual completion," Janice replied in a dreamy tone.

"Janice, you can't get your hopes up too high. Mr. Right's not gonna come to you in shining armor on a white horse. You've got to make an effort to, you know."

"Maybe you're right. I just can't help but dream of such things, you know?"

Having come back from the back, David still had a bad feeling, like Vince was planning on trying to force Janice to be with him, by whatever means.

Through the rest of the day, David continued working on his gadget more urgently, knowing tonight would have to be the time when Janice would need to receive it. Who knows what Vince is capable of when he has his sights set on a girl.

While waiting for Vince to show up that night, David felt in a pocket of his black pants for the gadget that he finished only a few hours before. He had it secured in a ring box. He could also feel the CD and his recent lack of coin change in the other pocket. Soon, he saw car lights coming. The car stopped in front of Janice's house. David knew it was time. Sure enough, a male figure came out of the car, but he wore black clothing and a ski mask. David figured that they wanted to save their identity for later, whatever he was planning on doing with Janice. David also noticed a gun in the figure's hand. David's bad feeling grew worse.

As soon as the figure was close to the door, David sneaked to Janice's bedroom window, and quietly opens it. Just as his feet touched the floor, he heard the door shut. He quickly yet gently slipped Janice out of the bed. He carried her back out the window, hearing footsteps coming closer. After multitasking his hands to close the window behind him, David dashed himself and Janice into nearby bushes hidden in shadow just as he hears the bedroom door open. He laid her down on the ground while waiting for Vince to leave. Thankfully, she hadn't woken up from being moved.

"You're coming with me, woman," came a familiar voice from the house. David recognized the voice as Vince, but waits for the surprise that would soon follow. He didn't have to wait long.

"Gone? Where are you?!?" Vince shouted angrily.

Janice woke up suddenly with a gasp. She thought she heard a loud voice close by. She took a quick look around, and saw she's outside in the bushes, and a figure in dark clothing and a ski mask was there with her. He seemed to have heard her gasp, because he was watching her, giving a gesture to keep quiet. Janice felt fear and panic swell up inside her, and she felt like she must scream. Just as she's about to, the figure with her leapt beside her and put his hand on her mouth. She noticed right away that his grasp wasn't as hard or forceful as it could have been. She then heard a gentle voice whispering in her ear:

"Please don't be afraid of me. I'm here to protect you from him. He wants to do something bad to you. You must keep quiet so he doesn't find you."

Janice found herself comforted by the voice more than the words, and forced back the urge to scream, though she was still fearful for her life, and not completely trusting of this stranger beside her. She figured that since he hasn't done anything to her but try to keep her safe from someone he says wants to do her harm, then she should put faith in him to protect her. He seemed to have sensed her trust, because he took his hand off her mouth, then checked his wristwatch, as if he were expecting something to happen soon.

A sound of a slamming door came from the front of the house. Another sound came from the distance; it started faint, and then became increasingly louder. Janice recognized the second sound as a car coming. The stranger that was in her house looked towards the sound, then suddenly broke into a run for his car, which he quickly started and drove off. A minute later, a police car drove by.

Janice looked to the stranger beside her. He looked back at her, and for the first time, she noticed how blue his eyes are. She thought she saw some sort of hidden gentleness in them that he wanted to share with her.

Janice got out of the bushes and started walking to her front door, still trying to take in what happened. The more she thought about the bad intentions the second stranger might have had for her, the more she realized just what the blue-eyed stranger did for her. She looked around to see if he was still beside her.

"I'm still here," he said as he came out of the bushes and walked toward her.

"You..saved me..from who knows what fate. Why did you do it? How did you know he was coming for me?" she asked.

"We work together, and brought something up about you, and it didn't sound good to me. As for the reason I protected you…"he paused to reach into a pocket. Janice watched his hand, and saw that he had a CD. "…you'll find your answer on this. Listen to it, and I'm sure you'll figure it out," he added as he handed the CD to her. Janice took the CD with mixed feelings, curiosity being one of them. She looked back up at him.

"What if he comes back? I don't feel safe enough to be alone in my house anymore."

"Tell you what. I will watch over you until you fall asleep in case he comes back tonight. I promise you can trust me to do nothing but what I'll say I'll do. I also want you to have this…" he said as he reached into his other pocket, from which he pulls out a ring box. Just as Janice was about to react typically to receiving such a gift, he opened the box. Janice looks inside it, and notices that the ring inside doesn't look like any other ring she's seen. There's something different about it…

"It's a special ring of my own invention. It acts as a distress signal that will be received by me. If he comes when I'm not around, press the gem in to send out the signal, and I'll be right over." He handed her the box. Janice accepted the box, looking at it with mixed feelings about this mysterious stranger. She looked up at him.

"You would honestly watch over me for a while?" she asked with trusting hope.

"Yes, I would. For now, I suppose you need to get some rest. Tomorrow will be a new day for you, I'm sure," he replied. Janice nodded, and they walked into the house.

The stranger did as he promised; he stands guard while Janice falls asleep. Afterwards, he went home, content that he got to make a difference in Janice's life.

David was standing behind the cash register counter at the java joint the next day. He didn't get much sleep the previous night, worrying about Janice ever since he came home. He wondered how the experience could have affected her. All he could do is wait to see if she shows up to meet Karen to talk about it.

Sure enough, Janice walks through the door. David notices that her facial expression is different than usual. She usually seems like she's always having a good day, but this time it seems she has a lot on her mind. She turns to him.

"Hey..uh..what's your name?"

"David. Karen's all ready over there, waiting for you."

"Oh, you all ready know her name? Well I guess that means you all ready know mine, too. Well, see you later, David."

"Later, Janice." David watched her walk away, wondering how big of an impact the whole event had on her. He noticed she was wearing something new on a finger.

"Is that a new ring? I don't remember you having anything like that," Karen prompts.

"Yeah, I got it yesterday after we departed," Janice replied. She took a quick look around the java joint.

"Listen, can I tell you a secret?"

"Sure. You can tell me anything," Karen responded, giving a worried face for her friend. They both leaned in closer to each other.

"Someone saved me from someone else who broke into my house. He told me the person who broke in wanted to harm me somehow, and my hero even watched over me for a while after it was all over," Janice whispers.

"Do you have any idea who either one could be?"

"No, I don't. They both wore ski masks, but my hero did give me clues. He gave me a CD and this distress signal ring."

"A distress signal ring? Wow, this guy must be a nerd or something. Have you gotten a chance to listen to the CD yet?"

"Yeah, this morning. It's all heartfelt songs of true love, the same kind of stuff I listen to," Janice replies with a zoning tone, a mix between daydreaming and thinking.

"Really? This guy's starting to sound like a kind of stalker to me. I think you should try to stay away from him…"

Janice ignored Karen's words, and allowed herself to slip into daydream about her hero, with his gentle voice and deep blue eyes…

"Hello? Janice? Are you with me?" Karen's voice called. Janice snapped out of it.

"Oh. Yeah," Janice replied, feeling a little embarrassed to let her thoughts stray to the mysterious stranger.

"So, are we gonna do karaoke night tonight?"

"Definitely, though we should mix it up a little. How about we bring a couple guys with us?" Janice suggested.

"Who do you have in mind? I might bring Vince, but who will you bring?"

Janice paused for a moment, trying to think. She looked around the java joint for an idea until her eyes stop at the cash register.

David looked away from a window, and noticed that Janice was looking at him.

"David, come here. I wanna ask you something," she called to him while waving him over. He started walking over to where she and Karen were sitting, curious to know what was going on. As he was walking, he noticed Karen looking too, with a surprised look on her face.

"Hey, David, are you free tonight? If you are, can you come to karaoke night with us?" Janice asked when David reached the table. David was taken aback, not expecting to be given a chance to hang out with Janice.

"Sure, I'm free," he replied with a smile.

"Great. It's here, tonight. Don't be late," Janice said with a friendly smile.

"David? Why him? I think you could do better than him, girl," Karen asks.

"I don't know. He seems like a nice guy, and I wanna get to know him a little better. It might be fun if he came along," Janice replied, looking at David reading a magazine over at the register counter.

"Okay, I guess if you think he's all right, I should go along with it."

"Plus, I think he's kinda cute," Janice added. Both women giggled.

Many people had arrived at karaoke night at the java joint that night. A lot of people had gotten up to the microphone. This is was all something new to David. He was keeping his mind off the fact that Vince was here only by focusing on the good feeling he had about being here with Janice, where he could protect her. Plus, her inviting him to tag along gave him hope for something he couldn't quite describe.

"I think David should go next," he heard Janice say.

"Me? Oh, I don't know if I can…" he replied humbly.

"Come on. Do it for me, please?" Janice begged, giving him pleading eyes.

"Oh, all right. I'll give it a shot." He quickly chose a song as he walks to tell his request to the person running the music. After he steps onto the stage, and grips the microphone, the music starts playing.

Janice recognized the song right away.

"Oh my word, Karen," she exclaimed while nudging Karen. "This is 'I Swear' by All-4-One."

"Yeah, so?" Karen asked, wondering why it was all of a sudden so important.

"So, this was one of the songs on the CD my hero gave me," Janice whispered to Karen. She turned to face David again. Karen looked surprised at her.

"You don't think...?" she started.

"I do. It has to be him," Janice said with hope in her tone. She returned her listening to David's singing.

"It almost sounds like he's singing a message to me that he is the one who saved me last night, doesn't it?" she asked mostly to herself while still gazing at David, who was looking back at her. He wasn't the only one looking at her, though…

"That was really great, David. You really got into the song. I loved listening to it," Janice told him after he came back from the stage.

"Thanks, Janice," David replied humbly, "Say, where did Vince go?"

"He said he needed to go to the bathroom, but he should have been back by now," Karen replied.

"I guess I better go check up on him. Be right back, ladies," David told them. He had a bad feeling again. He'd better sneak out to his car first to get something in case Vince might be trying to make another attempt at Janice. He just hoped he wouldn't be too late by the time he got back.

"David's been a while, too. I think I better go try to find him. Maybe he went out to his car to try to call Vince to see where he is," Janice told Karen, and walked to the door.

As she exited the building, and headed into the parking lot out of sight from the windows, Janice suddenly felt herself being grabbed by the hair, and she closed her eyes from the pain while pressing her hands against her scalp to cut down on the tug. She then felt being forced into a direction. When she stopped, she opened her eyes just in time to see a figure in black clothing and a ski mask. The figure firmly clasped his hand over her mouth. She looked into his eyes to see if it was her hero or the one who tried breaking in to harm her. She saw that this stranger has brown eyes, not blue. She had just enough time to take in these features until her attacker held a pistol up to her side.

"Now that I finally got you, you're coming with me. We're gonna have so much fun together," the attacker hissed. "Now move." He prodded her with the gun, and they started walking into the parking lot. With her hands still against her head, she moved her fingers around to one of her rings, and pressed in the gem.

I'm too late, David thought to himself as he hears a small ringing in his pocket. He's got her. I've got to hurry. The ringing will get louder and faster when I'm close.

Janice looked around desperately for some sign that her hero from before will come to save her again. She and her attacker were almost at the car she recognizes from the previous night, and no sign of her hero. She was just about to lose hope when she heard a fast-paced loud ringing. She looked in the corner of her eye and saw another figure in black.

"Let her go," the second figure growled.

"You're the one, aren't you, the one that foiled my plans before? You will not stop me this time, punk," the attacker replied, as he turned his gun towards the second figure.

The second figure dashed behind a nearby car as the attacker started firing the gun wildly.

"Face me, coward!" the attacker shouted. Janice couldn't help but watch this clash. She whined, but the attacker shook her head with the hand that was still over her mouth.

"Come out, or the girl gets it," the attacker hissed as he pointed the gun towards Janice and cocked it.

The second figure came out of his cover and slowly walked out into the open and faced the attacker with his hands in the air.

"Now take off your mask. I'll want to know the face of my enemy when I shoot him down," the attacker told the second stranger.

"Only if you take off your mask, too, Vincent," the second stranger called out.

Janice was shocked at this, and looked up at her attacker, who she saw was just as surprised.

"How do you know me?" Vince asked.

The second stranger pulled off his ski mask.

"David! Well, isn't this a surprise? I had a feeling you had a crush on Janice, but I never thought you'd go this far to get her to take notice of you," Vince hissed.

"And I didn't think you'd go this far to make a woman be under your control, Vince," David retaliated.

Janice was stunned from all this. She was right about David being the hero who saved her last night, but she would never have guessed that Karen had brought to karaoke night the person who turned out being the one who wanted to harm Janice. She looked to David for some visual sign that he had a plan to get them both out of this situation. He looked back at her.

"Just let her go, man, and hand me the gun," David said as he started walking slowly towards Vince.

"No, she's mine, David. I'm not gonna let you stop me." Vince slightly moved his gun hand, and fires the pistol. A shot rang out, and David hunched over in pain, clutching his arm.

Janice screamed David's name underneath Vince's hand, but it was muffled. She couldn't take it anymore. Janice kicked upwards behind her, and she felt Vince instantly let go of his grip on her. She stepped away from him to watch him collapse on his knees while clutching between his legs, dropping the gun onto the ground. Janice kicked the gun over to David. David picked it up with the hand of his good arm, walked over to where Vince was still crouched in pain, and then hit Vince in the back of his neck with the gun. Vince collapsed to the ground unconscious.

Janice looked down on Vince. She crouched down and peeled his mask off. Indeed the face underneath was Vince. She stood back up and looked at David, who was looking back at her. Janice burst into a sprint a few short steps into David's arms. She felt David wrap his good arm around her, and tenderly put his hand of his wounded arm around her shoulder. She pulled off of him, looking worryingly at his wound.

"We should get that treated right away, David."

"In the meantime, together, we have put an end to a dangerous mind. Knowing that we'll be an inseparable pair while Vincent is confined behind bars in an iron pen, I have no bad feelings at all anymore, just one strong good feeling."