Never saying what needs to be said

And living on like nothing is wrong

I can't live like this, can't you see?

I'm going out of my mind, I need you

I've made some mistakes

But I just couldn't help myself

When you've fallen so hard

You don't know what else to do

Trying to pick yourself up is the hard part

When you feel like you need someone

Like the air that you breath

And each step that you take

You feel the need to hurt them

Like getting rid of that need

Will somehow heal you

But I'm not so self-sufficient

I'm so addicted to your voice

And the words that you say

Just keep me falling for you

You're like a new kind of drug

Just call me the drug addict

I don't care who else is in the world

It's just me and you

Since the day I met you

It always has been

We're the meaning of love at first sight

Meeting you, all I thought was "finally"

I'm done with the jerks and douchebags

Cuz I found the perfect guy

I'm sorry that I was the one with the flaws

I never meant to just give up

I never wanted to hurt you

But now I guess it's too late

Just one last thing I gotta tell you

I know what I want, I'm not giving up

I'll wait as long as I have to

I want nothing more than to just be yours