Chantilly stood at the bow of the boat, uncaring of the spray that soaked her clothes. The salt stung the cuts on her face from the God-King's rings, but she was intent on the landmass that was just appearing on the horizon. The cliffs of the Sardonian coastline couldn't even be made out yet, it all just looked like a brown haze. Her hands gripped the rail tightly and the splinters bit into her palms. She welcomed the pain – it grounded her to the here and the now, not to a future where her daughter was taken from her completely…

Chantilly didn't even want to think about the days she'd spent on this ship, in this position, scanning the horizon for any sign of land. She was going mad, she could feel it, but she couldn't help it.

She was fairly sure they were ahead of the God-King, but not by much. Sometimes, if the air was clear of mist, she could make out sails on the horizon behind them. When they'd arrived at the coast, they'd sabotaged all the other boats, but the God-King had obviously had no problem procuring another one.

"Sailor!" she called, as one moved past her. "How long will it take until we arrive?"

Anxiety bubbled up her throat, choking her, but she couldn't fail now.

"If the wind stays like this," the man said, squinting up at the sky, "I'd say the end of the day, at best."

Chantilly gave the man a nod and turned back to her vigil.

Amarilla needed her.


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