There is no understanding

The reading of Dead Wall Reveries

Until you have become one

And preferring not to

Unintelligible to those who never chose

To be alone in this world

Of invisible and treacherous walls

Laughing and blocking us

Bloodied and bruised, unacknowledged

How they impede our way

How tight you squeezed my hand

When they tumbled down

Climbing to fall, laughing to cry

Learning to forget, living to die

Seeing only the ends to the mean

Ungrateful and desperate for answers

We hide

And lick our wounds with acid tongues

But your spit is sweet on me

Where does joy begin

And guilt become unreasonable?

Does it even matter?


Leading to beautiful difference

When we feel most the same

Is when everything has changed

I'll chase that feeling

Back and through the shadows

And my sarcasm is for sale

To have you wake next to me and speak

"That was boring

We had the same dream."