If you have ever written something, just for fun, then you have experienced the power of writing. Some people say that they couldn't live without art, but I could go for the rest of my life without seeing another painting because I have the power to recreate the entire universe, then destroy it in the blink of an eye. I have to power to make miracle happen, the power to kill millions of people without getting my hands bloody. I have the power of God in my hands, and I know how to use it.

You might say that nobody has as much power as God, and that's true. But I am God over my own universe, my own little piece of existence. If you draw a picture, it is just an image of a greater existence, but a story is an existence. Stories are what pictures are made of, and pictures are what stories are made of. Billions of pictures, in fact, for a story is countless pictures, moving and interacting with one another to form something new, something wondrous.

But what happens when the story is over? A story is never over. Ever. Because a story lives on in the hearts of its readers, captivating and inspiring them in ways one could never comprehend in a lifetime. It is immortal, like many of us long to be. A story has the power to change an entire nation; an entire world. You may just think that it's a bunch of words scribbled on paper or typed on a computer, but it's more than that. A story is the raw power of the human mind which is so full of mad ramblings and incessant images that it must be captured and recorded and the world must bear witness to this process, for it is a life-changing experience.

The most wonderful thing an author can imagine is that her stories are remembered forever. Because what would be the point of writing a story if they are just forgotten and changed into cheap pulp novels. No author wants the children of her imagination to become some worthless paperback sitting on the darkest corner of a shelf. She wants them to be remembered and revered, never to be forgotten. She wants them to live forever, whether it be in peoples' minds, or in ancient, leather-bound books with pages lined in gold.

Books have the power to change the world. No, really, they do. Just look at the Bible. It hasn't always been the Bible, you know. It started out as a collection of books written by men who were called mad. Then, they were brought together, forming one of the most influencing books in history. It inspired an entire religion. It both started and ended wars, and it gave people faith in what they couldn't see.

So, as I conclude (I have a giant project due tomorrow), I will tell you one last thing. If you ever have doubt, any doubt at all, that you are powerless, just start writing, start writing anything you want, and you will be convinced that you do have power, and you can use it in any way you want to. You can put joy into the hearts of people and show them that there is hope.

Just remember that there is beauty on this planet. It might be hard to find, but it's in the hearts of people everywhere. It is in the smallest of dew drops glistening in the sun and the shine of a fish's scales as it swims through a quietly babbling brook. Don't loose sight of the truth.