Herman Martinez is a construction worker who is married with four children and is known as a family man. No matter how long he'll be away everyday to do his job, he'll almost always have enough energy and time for his kids. But unfortunately he have one problem, he's also known for his temper among his friends and family. At one point Herman would destroy a television while watching "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" because the contestant stupidly got a simple question wrong. Then another time he beat up his son's friend because he thought the latter was cheating while playing Nintendo Wii.

But one day, his temper would eventually get him into deeper trouble than before…

While driving home after playing golf with his friends one day, an old broken down car abruptly stopped in front of him. Herman was able to stop his car in time and it tapped that idiot driver's vehicle in the back.

Soon the driver comes out and points at his car screaming "What's the matter with you? Do you even know how to drive? My car got wrecked because of you!"

Enraged by such unfounded accusation, Herman got out of the car and said "What the fuck are you talking about? Your car have been like this from the start and you're the one who made a sudden stop in a middle of a highway!"

"Shut up! You wetbacks have been sneaking into our country but you never bother to learn our culture and have been taking away our jobs, if I were you I would go back to where I belong!"

Herman, who is in fact an American citizen since birth became enraged by that asshole's racist remark. Upon hearing this, he begins to start walking toward the jerk and grabs him by his shirt collar.

Seeing this, the racist driver sneers…

"See? See what you're doing? I don't care if you can speak English like the rest of us; The fact that you're going to assault me shows that you people are nothing but bunch of thugs and cockroaches, this is what is wrong with this country! Let one in and many more will soon follow!"

Herman puts the driver down in spite of those continuing racist remarks and proceeds to walk back to his car.

"Before you go, pay me $500 so I won't have to take this to court!" said the driver

"Why should I pay for that piece of crap that my car barely even touched?" said Herman

"I have friends in high places, once I take this to the court, you won't win no matter what you do, even if you hire Johnny Cochrane's clone"

"You disgust me"

"What choice do you have? If you pay me $500, I'll keep quiet or otherwise you will lose everything you have!"

"Let me guess, you also relatives in high places too, am I right?"

"You're even smarter than I thought, I'll give you that, if you're willing to face me at court I'll sue you for everything you have and I can guarantee that you will lose"

Knowing that there's no alternative choices he can make, Herman agrees to pay him as he went to fetch his check book in the car.

"So how much do I owe you?"

"Five hundred dollars!"

Then as Herman came out of his car, he opens up the trunk of his vehicle and grab a golf club.

Stunned, the driver then said "Hey, what are you doing?"

As Herman comes closer, the driver begins to piss his pants and stammers "G-get away f-from me…"

"You should have thought of this sooner before deciding to spew garbage at me you sorry piece of shit!" Herman growls

The driver shields himself, expecting that he'll get clobbered by a golf club, but then he hears a smashing sound…

To his horror, Herman is beating his car with his golf club, smashing every window while doing so. Soon the bumper, the hood, the trunk, and even the entire front of the car would eventually get destroyed. The damage of the vehicle is so immense that it made Tiger Wood's vehicle looked completely intact in comparison. Once it's over, that broken down piece of garbage of a vehicle is now nothing but a pile of twisted scrap metal with shattered glass on wheels.

"What have you done?" the driver screams

Ignoring him, Herman takes out his check book and a pen.

"Answer me damn it!"

Herman then quietly start writing something in his check before tearing it off of the book and crumples it up. Then he throws it at the driver saying "Here you go, I decide to give you six times the amount"

The driver then stood silent for a minute before picking up the crumpled check. After that was over, Herman returns to his car and said "Adios amigo!" before driving off.

The driver wasn't able to start his car however due to the damage and have been beeped by hundreds of angry motorists because he's stuck in the middle of a highway, creating traffic jam. Sometime later, Herman and the driver got arrested. After the hearing they were both sentenced to community service (which they have agreed to in exchange to avoid prison sentence). It turns out that the driver didn't have anyone he knew in high places, it's a bluff in a desperate attempt to extort money from people he would accuse of "damaging" his car. It have worked several times before due to those people being gullible idiots before meeting Herman Martinez in that one fateful day. In short, the driver's nothing more but a wannabe.

"I hate you…" the driver growls at Herman while picking up trash littered in the park

"Sucks to be you" said Herman

"Look who's talking! You're in the same situation I'm right now"

"Meh, I'll be out in few days anyway"

"How? You can't escape you know"

"Easy, I have friends and relatives in high places"

"What? How?"

"Hard work"


"Want me to prove it?"

"Yeah whatever"

Then Herman waves to the guard supervising them and said "Hey Tony, how about some music?"

"Normally I wouldn't do it because I could get in trouble, but since you're my cousin, sure thing!"

Then he turns on the radio…

You make feel…miiighty real…

Horrified by that song, the driver begins to start screaming…