This is my NaNoWriMo 2009 story. I'm not quite done with it yet...but I'm close to finished. I've posted it on fictionpress to hear other's opinions.

The preface is on the short side, but believe me, it's not a short story.

Thank you to rentboheme for editing this chapter for me! He's the greatest and has won an award for his short story! He's under my "favorite author" page, so go check him out!


Samantha Jurlikns would start off each morning with a cup of tea. For her birthday, she bought herself a large collection of teas that would last her through the year. In the summertime, although the heat was sweltering, she would have her hot cup of tea and perhaps a cold glass of milk to follow it. She would take her time as she drank the hot liquid, and would not swallow it all in one gulp. She would sometimes have some toast with her tea, or a small cookie. In the wintertime she would put peppermint in her tea to give it a holiday taste.

Samantha lived relatively close to her school. It was only one thirty-minute subway ride away. She lived in the same borough (Manhattan), which caused a lot less problems on her daily commute. She would always feel bad for the other students traveling over an hour a day just to get to school. On the subways they would be falling asleep with a cup of coffee in their hands.

Every once in a while Samantha would pack her own lunch to eat at school. Must usually she would buy a sandwich at the deli located across the street from her school. She loved ham and cheese sandwiches, but often switched it up. Egg salad sandwiches were to her liking. She would also get something to drink, a pack of mints, and every Friday a candy bar or a pack of chips The deli worker smiled when she walked through his door simply because she had the kind of face and personality to smile at.

She would get to school a few minutes early. If she had a test that day, she would get to school a little earlier to study with friends or by herself. A book was always in her bag in case she arrived to school too early and there was nobody to talk to.

Although Samantha Jurlikn's morning was one of an average person's—albeit one who drank a lot of tea—she was not a normal seventeen year old.


Daniel Torid on the other hand was an extremely normal seventeen-year-old boy. He dragged himself out of bed every morning, barely caring what clothes he put on. His showers were short and lazy. Breakfast in his house was often skipped. His parent's didn't mind, though. They were too busy getting ready for work.

Daniel lived further away from school than Samantha did. It took him about an hour to get there.

He would grab something to eat for lunch and a cup of coffee at the deli across the street from the school, arriving a few minutes later than Samantha, which meant that they almost never ran into each other. This was odd because they had the same lunch period, took the same subway, and went to the same deli every morning. They would see each other, but it never occurred to them that the other's face was familiar. If they saw each other in the hallways, they would not smile nor wave, for they did not know each other.

Daniel didn't like it when people tried to talk to him in the morning. This is why he would never coordinate a travel schedule with friends who lived by him. Sometimes he would see people on the bus or subway. He would either ignore them and continue listening to his music, or nod awkwardly at him like most guys do. He kept his headphones in his ears the entire journey to school.

The deli owner didn't pay much attention to him. He was just a kid who got a cup of coffee and a sandwich in the morning, as did many other kids who attended that school.

Yes, one would say that Daniel Torid had an average morning and was an average person, and that is because he was an average person. But all it took was one girl to come into his life and change everything.

As I said before, I'm posting this story on fictionpress for feedback. That being said, reviews would be splendid.

Thanks for reading!

- Morine