"There is a vehicle waiting out back."

Judith packed her things as quickly as she could. She would forever be grateful to Mrs. Gracia for warning her that Vincent Princeton was coming for her, even though Judith had expected it. No one ran from Vincent and got away.

No one until Judith, that is.

If he thought she would become some sort of wilting flower and cower away in the corner, he was in for a surprise.

There was a slight whimper from the baby basket on the hospital gurney. Judith turned from her task, although it was imperative that she finished, and adjusted the blanket on the baby. It was crowding Alex's face, and he fussed when he couldn't move it. He was only days old, and Judith was taking a risk with not only him, but herself. She was still so tired, and didn't know how far she would be able to hold up.

"Please, ma'am, I would rather you went to-"

"I can't bring your family into this, Eliza," Judith turned to the woman who was her former head of the house staff, "Once Vince realizes I'm gone, I will become one of the most hunted people in the country."

She had left Vince a year ago. Her high-society upbringing had taught her to turn a blind eye to his affairs, but after discovering another maid in their bed, Judith had packed her things and headed to her family's summer home. Although her parents had passed away, Judith had inherited the house. Her family had more money than the Princetons, money that was still hers through a pre-nup. Judith was grateful she had that much.

It had taken two months for the divorce to go through. Long enough for her to discover that she was pregnant.

She couldn't tell Vince. Judith knew that if she could avoid him, hold out until the divorce went through, and kept it a secret she would be able to keep her baby from him. Vince would chase her to the ends of the end, knowing what would happen if the Princeton will was ever contested.

Yesterday, one of the hospital interns had leaked the information for a thousand dollars. Judith was still livid that her life and Alex's were worth a thousand to someone. Vincent wouldn't stop until she and Alex were in his custody. He would find some way to blackmail her, to take Alex for his own and force her to stay. She would do it to protect Alex, no matter how much she hated Vincent.

There was four thousand dollars stuffed into the diaper bag, along with her mother's diamond necklace. She managed to stuff all the contents of her purse into the bag, which gave her less things to carry. Alex was bundled into his basket carrier, and Judith was pulling a dollar-store coat over her sweater. The sweater and jeans were a loan from Mrs. Gracia's daughter who was about Judith's build.

"But," Eliza Gracia said sadly, "Where will you go?"

"I don't know," Judith stuffed the rest of her clothes into the duffel, and pulled it onto her shoulder with the diaper bag, "I'll figure it out."

Eliza checked the hallways, and lead Judith out of the door. They didn't bother to check out, not wanting to alert too many people of their departure. They disappeared out of a back door, leading out into the cold. Judith was grateful for her winter boots, and for the winter outfit that she had for Alex. He didn't stir at the change in environment, and she couldn't help but smile.

"This way, ma'am."

There was a small, four-door Crown Vic waiting. It was ancient, but Judith was just happy that it was running and warm. Frank, the gardener, stood beside the car as Judith tucked Alex into the car seat.

"Don't worry about returning the car, just get to safety," the old man told her.

There were tears in her eyes when Judith looked at Eliza and Frank. They were almost like family to her, and she hugged them both.

"Thank you."

"A limo pulled up a little while ago," Frank said, "Run, ma'am. Don't look back. Take yourself and the little one, and run."

Judith nodded, got into the car, and left the parking lot. She looked back once as Vince stepped out of the limo, and walked into the hospital. There was no mistaking the look of complete hatred on his face, or the way his cold eyes sparkled. He was always breath-takingly handsome. His blue eyes saw too much, and he spoke with an intelligence that had initially pulled Judith to him. Vincent was irresistible on many levels.

Alex gurgled in the back, and settled back to sleep.

She was going to run far away and never come back.