This will be kinda funny. This will be kinda romantic.

Take to this, how you will :)

My Imaginary Friend

My imaginary friend was called Lucas.

Not Zac Efron. Not Prince Aladdin. Not even Spider-pig, Spider-pig, does whatever a spider-pig does...

Just Lucas.

"Stop following me!" I hissed as I trailed to trig. Since I was too busy looking back and glaring at the six-foot four shadow, well "shadowing" me I didn't notice Matt Livingstone heading my way, till I ran into him.


"Ow!" I grimaced from the floor, a variety of folders spread around me, with the odd pen decorating the mess. I felt like crying. Nothing seemed to be going my way and it was only eleven o'clock in the morning!

From the corner of my eye, I saw Lucas step forwards with both hands clenched. My agonized yell came a bit too late as Lucas took a swing at Matt.

"Lucas! No!"

The look of disappointment was dead-pan on his face as his fist passed right through Matt's head. Matt, on the otherhand, continued blinking down at me in a surprised fashion. He kicked one of my folders away from my foot and smirked when it fell apart.

"No, it's Matt, remember?" And then to add the final stake through the heart, he added. "Freak."

The two cronies who'd materilised behind him began sniggering as if Matt was DAA BOMB! I really wanted to tell them, he wasn't. The liklihood of Matt going up in flames was about the same probability that I got 90 percent in my next trig test. Which was zil, to clarify.

The corridors were beginning to empty now. With each student who so much as passed me without glancing down, I felt like tearing apart. I was going to be late to class again. One more tardy, and bye bye college prospects! Matt, was okay. Just as long as he continued keeping his GPA up, he could get into any college easy. Being a basketball player seemed to have that little quirk involved.

Lucas was staring down at me now, his blue eyes intense. I raised my eyebrows at him in confusion. Did I have some custard on my face, again? It wasn't my fault the school cafeteria did the apple crumble tasty! Yum Yum. I could marry that gorgeous dessert and have it's little babies all over the world!


Matt was staring at me now, too. Since I very well couldn't stare at Matt and Lucas at the same time, I stared at myself instead.

In my mirror.

"Nope," I declared, snapping my mirror close and sliding it back into my pocket. "Not a speck of custard in sight. Thank god!"

Lucas rolled his eyes whilst Matt began edging backwards, nearly tripping over his two goons when they just remained there, gawping. "That chick is crazy," was his parting remark before he was off, down the corridor, every once in a while skidding into doors on either side. I could've offered him my floor-plan but I don't think he'd have appreciated the gesture.

Boys. Can't live without them, can't live with them.

Following Matt's rather...rapid departure, his two sidekicks remained, still gawping. "Shoo!" I declared, and watched in amusement as they skittered the way they had come. Dusting my hands off, I got up and started reorganizing my deserted folders. Lucas meanwhile, remained in the background, moving from foot to foot as he watched me do all the cleaning.

"I'm sor-"

"Look, I'm not in the mood to hear your self-pitying right now," I sighed, finally standing up. "I just want to be left alone. By everyone. Is that too much to ask?"

Lucas shook his head, looking slightly mollified. Then he started disappearing into thin air, waving as I watched despondently.

Come three-thirty, I was starting to wish I hadn't sent away Lucas so abruptly. Being stuck in detention class sucked. With nothing to do but to sit it out an hour, I wished Lucas could appear out of no-go land and entertain me for a while. He was good at that.

When four-thirty finally rolled around, it was a relief. I skipped out of school, with only thoughts of finding Lucas and apologising to him in mind. I'd been rude earlier and I don't think I'd be able to sleep again, knowing he was deeply angry somewhere in cosmo-land.

So fixated was I with these thoughts, that I'd totally forgotten that Basketball practise ended at four-thirty on Wednesdays too. I was only made aware of the fact when a loud voice yelled from behind- "Jump the crazy chick!"

Let's not pretend we don't know who he was alluding to there. Clearly I was the crazy chick. And that clearly meant one thing.....RUN!!

But instead of following all the clever geeses and high-tailing it out of the parking lot, I turned and spotted Matt and a whole lotta cronies leaning by his car. Sta- no, glaring.

"You want a piece of this?" I shouted, pointing at my derriere. "Well, you're not gonna get it!"

Please don't let me do an embarrassing fart. One of those echoe-y ones that EVERYONE hears. That's all I need right now. Boys giggling at my expense!

"Sam, what are you doing?!"

"It doesn't matter, Lucas!" I shouted, "If I die, I will die fart-fighting!"

And then I did a double-take. There Lucas was in all his six-foot glory, with his arms crossed and actually having the gall to look mad! I tried to ignore his sexy abs and sun-kissed blond hair, but momma help me if I can't appreciate some testosterone goowiness once in a while!

"Lucas!" I shouted. "What are you doing here?!"

"Saving you, god-dammit! Sam, you gotta RUN! NOW!"

"And what?" I laughed, sweeping my arm around the whole parking lot without really looking. "And miss all this fu-oof,"

The first punch caught me unawares, spinning me into the opposite direction before an upper-cut to my face forced me to my knees. "I take it back!" I yelled as someone with really big feet gave me the pleasure of standing on my hands. "Get off me, you brute! You need to go shoe-shopping N-owow,"

In my peripheral vision I caught a glimpse of Lucas's tortured expression. He reached out two hands to grab the back of Matt's sweatshirt but they slipped right through. "SAM!NO!" he cried as I weakly head-butted the ankle of the guy standing on my hands. And then in the distance, I heard a door opening and a loud yell- "OI! GET AWAY FROM HER!"

I slumped on the ground as the men (call them men? Hmmph!) above me raced away from the scene. Matt's car kicked up gravel as he set it on reverse, and then with one final screech of tyres against sidewalk, I was left alone in the parking lot as Lucas knelt beside me, trying to brush away my hair but failing.

"Y-You don't h-have to do that," I murmured as his pained expression swam in and out of view. But that didn't stop him. Oh no. He continued trying to brush the piece of hair that had fallen into my mouth again and again, till I could visibly see the frustration in his quartz eyes.

"I'm so sorry, Sam. It's all my fault. I shouldn't have left you at all- I should've know that bastard would've pulled something! Sam? Sam, look at me! Sam!-"

Blessed darkness. Wow, I never knew passing out could be so fun.

-I should do this more often.-

When I came too, I found myself cloaked in darkness and a dull pounding taking residence in my head. "Ow," I muttered, flinging out an arm till it made contact with a familar sounding thunk!

So I was in my bedroom, then. And that was my beside table that I'd just whacked into. Great.

Using that same bruised arm, I felt around till I switched on the lamp. Feeling more secure as the dim overtone cast over my room, I stretched leisurely so all my muscles pleasantly ached before rolling over.

And proceeding to scream.

Lucas was lying on my bed, facing me with both hands propped under his head. In another world, I would've considered him quite the picture. A blond adonis kipping on top of my bedsheets, whilst his body rippled every time he shifted in his sleep. Cue an orchestra of drooling. Females, you know you want too! And if you're of the homesexual variety.....just imagine him in a wig! Ah, the world is a better place....

"Lucas!" I cried, taking a surreptitious peak under the blankets. God, I was in my bra and panties underneath here! What was he thinking, when he climbed into bed beside me?! "Ooh, fancy that, a half-naked girl! Now let's go to sleep and do my best impression of a blond-haired, blue-eyed adonis...."

"What?!" he started, snapping awake.

Before registering the position we were in.


"Yes oh!" I cried. "Get your ass out of my bed! I'm half-naked under here!"

"You are?"

The interest in his voice made me violently blush all shades of red. I clutched my sheets to my chest as he ran his eyes over my body, almost as if he were imagining me-

"Stop it."

My voice was deadly. My expression even more so. I wanted answers and I wanted them now. Forget that they were gonna come from my so-called imaginary friend who was too pervy for his own good. "Tell me what's going on now."

And just like that, the teasing tone was gone. Like a switch being flipped, he began pacing up and down, up and down, until eventually I got a headache just by watching him.

"The paramedics came and checked you over back at the parking lot-"

"What?!" Please tell me I was wearing clean underwear!

"And when they found nothing wrong with you, they went through your phone and called your mom."

I was gawping like a surprised monk-fish.

"They said you fainted from the shock. You came too then, rambling something about wearing clean underwear-" Lucas's mouth twitched and then instinctly ducked as a pillow came hurtling towards him with startling accuracy. I scowled, clearly put off.

"And then your mom drove you home, after you passed out in the back-seat and got your dad to carry you to bed to sleep off your traumatic experience."

"I don't know why you even ducked," I muttered under my breath. "It's not like you're gonna feel it."

Suddenly the good-homor was sucked right back out of the room. I cursed myself for being so stupid and sighed as Lucas launched back into terrority we've covered time and time again. "It was my fault," he muttered as he paced. "I should've stopped them but-"

"You couldn't," I finished. Hearing Lucas beat himself about something that wasn't even out of his control made me feel angry. Why couldn't he accept that he couldn't protect me all the time? Eventually somewhere along the line I was going to have to learn to take care of myself without a guardian angel looking over my shoulder. And the sooner Lucas accepted that, the better. Blocking Lucas's distraught expression from my mind, I leaned up slightly.

"In the two years I've known you, you're the most funniest, nicest person I've met. I did resent you in the beginning, because I thought I was finally going cuckoo-" Lucas smiled slightly, "And I know I get mad at you for no reason at all, but that's what best friends are for, right?"

Lucas didn't reply. Instead he was frozen, staring down at my chest area with wide eyes.

"Get outta here!" I hollered as I chucked the second pillow, crossing my arms over my exposed chest as Lucas dematerialised and was gone.


The next day, I held my head high as I walked inbetween lessons. Getting my parents off my back had been easy. I said I'd been "apprehended" (check me out!) by a group of masked gangster boys who wanted some money. After much kung-fu fighting from my part, they finally overpowered me and beat me to submission. And then they all ran away except one, who fucking LIMPED!! Booyah!

When the police came over, I said much of the same thing except omitting out the bits about kung-fu fighting and limping gangster boys. Somehow I didn't think that'd cut it with them.

Lucas hadn't been much help either, constantly sending me reproachful looks from the setee as I told and retold my tale. "Tell the truth!" he'd hissed when I sent him a scathing look.

Tell the truth? Ha! That was easy for him to say.

The only person I recognised from Matt's little gang was Matt himself. So yeah, I tell the truth and they pull the "ringleader" in. What about the rest of them? They'd just be biding their time....waiting for that one moment my back was turned and I was all on my lonesome...

So you'd have to understand my dilemma, for a while.

Thankfully, there was no run ins with Matt and his gang until lunch. I spotted them just as I was buying a carton of apple juice from the vending machine. Almost as if Lucas was sensing the mortal danger I was in, materialised into the space beside me, fists clenched and jaw popped.

"Hey sweetcheeks!" Matt called as he walked past. A couple of people looked up from their trays, but most chucked it down like it was going out of fashion.

"That's it," Lucas fumed, making move to stalk after the smirking twats. I watched helplessly as he caught up with Matt, walking backwards as Matt made another snide joke to his friends. They all burst out laughing.

"So you think you can mess with Sam like that, huh?" he raged. "Just hurt her like she's some thing without any feelings?"

As he talked, Lucas raised his hand over Matt's food tray that he was carrying. And then brought it down.

I braced myself for the disappointment that would be surely etched on Lucas's face. But when Matt's tray went spinning out of his hands, both of us gaped at in surprise. Matt resorted to swearing, jumping back as jelly and ice-cream splattered all over the floor. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" he roared, as he turned to the boy next to him and punched his lights out. "Take that, you fucker!"

Lucas was staring down at his hand as if he were seeing it for the first time. Then he looked up and caught my eyes.

And grinned. Fucking grinned! As if he was Rasputin and dear old Anastasia was in his hands at last.

I didn't like it one bit.

An invisible punch sent Matt reeling into a table of crowded Harry Potter fans. One squeaked when the paper mache caricature of Hedwig, perched on his shoulder, fell forward into his pasta. "NOOO!" he squealed. Another punch, had Matt coughing up half his teeth. Lucas strode forward and yanked Matt up by the cloth of his T-shirt.

"You want to mess with Sam?" he growled, "Take this!"

With the final punch Matt was stretched out on the floor, out for the count.

"Oh my god!" a person excitedly squealed. "He's being beaten up by someone invisible! This is exactly like that scene where Draco gets beaten up by Harry under his invisibility cloak! Harry, are you here? Haarrry!"

I felt like laughing but crying at the same time. Lucas. Lucas was protecting my honor. I couldn't help but just stand there, when Lucas finally looked up and pierced me with that stare.

The look he had in his eyes was almost blazing. Like he wanted nothing better to do, then grab me and kiss me.

My heart was pounding. I felt faint. All I wanted to do was keel over and let someone else deal with this mess. But yet my body refused any less action as Lucas strode over to me and grabbed me by the arm. He feels warm, I noted faintly. Warm and so alive....I licked my dry lips as he stared down at me.

"What are you doing?" I whispered, my eyes searching his.

"What I've been wanting to do for a long time," he growled before dragging me to him and crashing his lips against mine.

My heart imploded. My brain exploded. And I closed my eyes.



I don't own anything Harry Potter related, Zac Efron, Prince Aladdin, or the "Spider pig" song...... I do own the characters and plot though. Whoo!

A continuation might be on the cards. Most likely it won't be :)