-So, you're really leaving…right? - Asked Mina, a young little girl to her older brother, Alan, while he was preparing all he needed for his travel.

-I really don't want to go, but I have to…-

-Well, I just…I just can't believe you're leaving home.-

-Me either, and even when I always knew the day would come, I didn't thought it would be so soon.-

-Well, anyway…I'm gonna miss you…- Mina whispered with an incredible difficulty, trying to hold her tears; but the last thing she wanted is to make her brother feel bad about the situation.

-Don't worry Mina, it's just temporal, and we'll meet again someday.-


-Yeah, well, maybe not too soon, but eventually.-

-OK, but….at least can I give you something?-

-Of course!-

And Mina took one of her old stuffed animals, a black cat she had since she was baby, maybe her first toy, no one really remembers, but it was something she really had an emotional attachment to it.

-But sis…you love this one, I can't accept it!-

-Come on, it's OK: every time you look at it, you'll remember me. - Replied the little girl.

-I'll miss you Mina…-

Alan kissed her little sister, took her gift, and then he left, without saying any other word. It would be pointless anyway, since they both know how hard this separation would be and how much they will be missing each other.

After a couple of minutes, Mina's father enters to her daughter's room.

-Are you ready, Mina?-

-Yeah, I'm ready dad.-

They both went to that place, ready to say the last "good bye" to their beloved son and brother Alan: St. Austin Church, where the service started as soon as they both arrived to their destination.

-Family, friends and neighbours: today we are here to say good bye to one young man, Alan Jason Williamson, who tragically lost his fight for the life…- The Father McAllister preached, trying to find some relief for the pain of Alan's Family.

But there was something curious when Mister Williamson saw his son's coffin; someone left a little stuffed animal, but not any stuffed animal: he recognized it immediately: it was Mina's cat.

-Father, I loved the ceremony, I'd to thank you…- Mr. Williamson said to the Father McAllister.

-Thank you, and I just hope you and your daughter could find a way to deal with this tragedy.-

-Yeah Father, we will…but…can I ask you a question?-

-Yes, what happens?-

-Where did you get that doll?-

-What you mean, son?-

-You know, the little cat….-

-Oh yeah! Well…Don't you know it?-


-Well…I thought it was…you: I had nothing to do about it…-

But Mina knew the answer: She knew it was one last gift, one last and little detail to do for his brother. Probably it wasn't much, but at least, it gave her the chance to really say her last good bye; that's never an easy task, but then again, if we think about it: since when saying goodbye is "easy" anyway?