A/N: Okay, you guys are probably wondering why the heck I'm posting this now. Well, I decided to post this sneak-peek for the sequel to Forgive Me Before You Go because I figured you guys were excited for it. And yes, I'm still writing the Heartbreaker one, but I'm also writing this one at the same time so I don't lose the characters' personalities or forget the parts of the first story I need to make this one work.

So anyway, hello to anyone who clicked on this link! Just so you know, this is a SEQUEL, which means if you didn't read the first one, you're gonna be confused. VERY confused. I guess you can read this without reading the original since I recap stuff that happens in the first one, but it'll completely spoil all the plot twists that take place in the original. That, and I don't really go into detail with the stuff that happened because I described it enough in the first one, so you're bound to get confused a lot if you don't know what the hell happened during the progression of Forgive Me Before You Go. This isn't one of those stories that's set up where, if you read this and you like it, you can go read the original one to clear up your confusion without spoiling everything about it. So yeah, you've been warned! :D

I had no idea what the story title or this chapter title should be, so I decided to wing it. I'll probably change it at some point. And for you Tim lovers, he's in this one, too! I couldn't get rid of my favorite character. He's actually in it a lot. There are two main plot lines that take place during this story. One involves Tim, and the other involves Emma's relationships with her friends (but mainly with Theo). The genres might change, too. Romance is definitely one of them, but I wasn't sure what to make the other one. I labeled it as suspense for now, but it might not stay that way.

Warning: This is also rated T for a reason. The violence and themes in this one are going to be more graphic in this one than in the first one. The teenage angst is going to be stronger, too. Just giving you a heads up!

Time for chapter one! :]


Chapter 1: Trust


Emma's screams echoed off the walls as she tried to throw herself out of her adoptive uncle's arms. She threw her legs out and clawed helplessly at his hands, but he wouldn't let her go.

"Emma, no! You can't go back! It's over!"


Every time Emma would move, Travis's grip would tighten around her. She couldn't take this. As soon as he slackened his grip, she turned around and threw her fist right into his lower jaw.

Travis's hands shot up to his jaw, giving Emma the chance to run. She pulled off her black high-heeled shoes as fast as she could and threw them to the side before she darted towards the steps in front of them.

"EMMA!" Travis yelled.

Emma ignored him as she continued to run. She didn't get far before Travis regained his composure and caught up to her. He threw his arms around her again and pulled her backwards, but she refused to give up.


By this point, Travis used all his strength to pull her down onto the cold floor beneath them. He knew all those years playing football would pay off. He attempted to cover Emma's mouth to muffle her screaming, but she bit his hands whenever he tried.

"Emma, please stop! It's over! You can't do anything now! He's going to catch us if you just lay here! We need to run! Please!"

Emma didn't respond. She let out a mix between a horrified scream and a wail as Travis pressed her head to his chest.

"Emma," he whispered comfortingly. "We need to get out of here. We need to find Jason and Leah and get out of here as quick as possible. We'll come back for Theo later."

Emma's angry hazel eyes opened against his shirt. A sudden anger unlike anything she ever felt before flared up inside her and she pulled her head away from Travis in order to look behind her.


She let out another wail as Travis continued to hold her down in his embrace. She knew they had to run, but she couldn't find the strength to get up. She wanted to wait for that asshole; to put him in as much pain as he put Theo in. She was going to make him suffer.

"I won't let you down, Tim," she whispered. "I promised I'd keep him safe for you. I always keep my promises."


Emma knelt on the muddy ground next to Elizabeth. All she could hear through her own despair and the booming thunder was Lizzy crying as she held his motionless body against her chest.

"Come and get me, Emmy! You know you want to!"

Emma looked up and bared her teeth. She could hear the bastard's voice. He wanted her to follow him? She wasn't going to decline his sadistic request.

Before anyone could stop her, she dove up from the ground and ran in the direction his voice was coming from. She made sure to grab the shovel lying on the ground as she ran. This was it. She was going to do what Tim wanted her to do. Blake already did the first half; now she was going to finish it.

"EMMA! COME BACK!" Elizabeth screamed, but it was no use. Aiden's daughter was out of sight within seconds.

"Oh Aiden," Elizabeth whispered. She looked down at the person in her arms. "Please keep her safe. You too, Tim. You've protected her this long. Please don't stop now."


"I…trusted you…"



Emma walked through the mud and tried to ignore what was going on around her. The screaming, the crying, the scent of blood…it surrounded her.


She felt someone touch her shoulder. She stopped dead, unsure if she should follow her instincts or not. She knew what she had to do, though, so she decided not to ignore it. After taking a huge breath, she spun around to face the person who addressed her.


He smiled at her. "No." He touched her face. "But you're close."


A/N: Wow, this was short! And this is the very first story I've ever written where points throughout the ending make up the first chapter. That's probably because I want it to grab the attention of those who loved the first one. Did I leave you hanging? That's what I'm aiming to do! Anyway, I'll keep updating my Heartbreaker story for now, but I might come back to this every once in a while for the hell of it. We'll see how that goes.