This was written for bluewitness, so you only get to feel special if you are that girl.

For this poem to come across correctly, you need to read it in a similarly correct fashion. This, like most proper poetry, is meant to be read as a group of normal sentences, with normal grammar rules applying. When there is a break in the words, stop to take a small rhythm-breath. Your breaths should vary in length, from least to greatest, as follows here:

(new line) (comma , ) (semi-colon ; ) (colon : ) (period . ) (new stanza - )

I really appreciate you reading this, as it will make the poem much more readable and enjoyable.


Alone I am nothing special or new,
another smudge of color on the universe's masterpiece,
and alone are you.
You are but shade,
another soft dimension of the masterpiece,
and just like me.

You and I,
we are
the Color and the Shade.
Alone we are unseen-unspoken
and we fade,

Still, we are not.

We are now instead Prosetry,
for we are not quite rhythm,
not quite rhyme,
but still not even-toned and spoken.
Alone, we may play hide-and-seek in crowded shadows,
but together we are
normally unique.

But that is not enough.

So we are now like a song;
the one in which we
let the bells ring out
the parts
to the ear,
but pleasing as a whole.

Then why is this a poem
if we are song, or
something in between?
This is nothing
This is but another smudge,
and an ugly one at that.

But not misplaced.

If I am blue,
silhouetted against
ironic gray,
then what are you?
For I am now blue fluid
filled with fiberglass,
and labeled art, but you
are light, and I
am but a filter.

So come full circle,
and come together, loose ends;
with my verse, your chorus;
with my shade, your color;
with my prose, your poem.
How like a masterpiece!
How like a song
we sing!

A small, irrelevant piece of
is this,
for you

as am I,
complete in