I found Rossetti's Goblin Men
When lost in a new place
I met their eyes daringly
Hair and snake teeth, face to face.

One prodded me with withered finger,
Another licked me with dry tongue
She is ripe, but lost, impure
I beseeched them: I am young.

The alleyway was closed and dark
But I had no fear to escape
The older tales of wanton fruit
That life itself forsakes--

she wants the fruit
one whispered
she begs to taste
one cried
a forgotten chant from long ago:
come buy, come buy, come buy.

I offered myself, kneeling.
Wine poured through parted lips.
A moan, intoxicated
A rhythmic moving of the hips

When my eyes opened, it was night.
Bruised body, soiled ground
Juice still dribbled down my neck
But no fresh flavor found.

You do not exchange numbers
With creatures from the dark
I faced the mob, my pulse still throbbed,
But left without their mark.

a disappointed stillness.
my life, my self retained.
I entered the trap willingly
and left it unashamed.

This apple wine is nothing new.
Drunk kisses claimed unripe
I wear my sex so consciously,
It feasts on fruit of every type.

To know where your skin ends
Is to never catch the lie
That kidnaps you, the goblin men:
come buy, come buy, come buy