Time check
Ten minutes 'till never
Or possibly twenty
Either way, it's too hot

Choking on air that
Runs too thickly through lungs
A strangers couch
Am I spending this watching television?

[it's a waste]

Outside too cold
And air too muffled with
Toxins and polluted breath
Raining steadily

Faked phone call to
Get away from lonliness
Come back wont you, and
Tell me its all ok?

I'm already soaked
The air is stark and indigo
Rivulets through the streets
Rivers over blue toes

[please notice me]

Favourite time of day
Is that light a plane or
Are the bombs coming?
Please say there's not long to go

Would you miss me and
I doubt you've realized
Driveways miles from home
I don't belong here

Countdowm from ten
From the lounge, I miss you
Shots burning - I try to make it fun
I do not fit in here