nighttime. unbearably cold. mushrooms. psilocybin. walking. cold. electricity. ejection. infinity. infinity. infinity. infinity. aliens. alien energies. swinging lights. swinging lights. wind. WIND. WIND. trees. plants. calling. "come this way, this way". separation. lure. entice. trap. twigs. branches. cage bars. poke. scratch. intimidate. frighten. strengthen. enlighten? revelations. revolutions. infinity. infinity. infinity. after rescuing our martyr from everything and himself, a beautiful but gently confused sea creature joined our mosey down the train tracks. infinity. cold. unbearably cold. beautiful. new. beautiful.

infinity. infinity. infinity. distractions.

an alien is using my brain as a landing strip and observation bay to keep an eye on one of it's abductees at a closer scale.

an: true story.