"Kip!" someone yelled as I walked away from the school, heading towards home. I ignored the voice and the person, not really caring if they thought that I was being a jerk. Okay, so I am a worldclass jerk. I don't bully anyone and I don't really get bullied. I just avoid the same social interaction most people my age engage in. "Kip! Wait up!" the voice yelled again and I just sighed, speeding up my pace a little. Unfortunately, even my quick walking pace was nothing to the person who insisted on bothering me.

"Go away," I muttered, refusing to look up at the guy who had blocked my path.

"Not until you listen to me, Kip," he said, crossing his arms over his chest. I groaned and rolled my eyes, before moving to side step him. I groaned again as he moved to continue blocking my path. This jackass just wasn't going to give up until I listened to whatever he wanted to tell me.

"What is it then?" I snapped, glaring at him from beneath my bangs. A small smile spread over his face before he began to sheepishly run a hand through the back of his hair.

"I was wondering," he started, his voice suddenly becoming much softer. "I was wondering, if you had a boyfriend?" My eyes went wide for a moment and then I began to laugh, causing his face to turn a bright red. Okay, so the funny thing about this situation isn't quite as apparent to anyone else as it is to me. The reason why I avoid social interaction is because my real gender isn't the same as the one I display to the rest of the school. Before I moved to this town, I dressed and acted like I was supposed to. Like a boy. The problem was, that I don't really look like a boy. My mother never let me cut my thick black hair so it fell down to my waist and my face had soft feminine features instead of more masculine ones. Add to it that not even my legs had anything more than the same fine hair that a newborn does and well, I was relentlessly picked on.

"No, I don't," I finally replied and his smile grew for a moment. "And I'm not looking for one, either," I added and once more moved to walk around him. I wasn't trying to be especially mean, after all, this guy seemed to be really nice, but there was no telling how he would react to find out he had just asked out a guy. So yeah, I was gay, and I probably wouldn't have minded going out with him, he was pretty cute, but he was asking me out as if I was a girl and that would just lead to major complications. I didn't like complications and I certainly wasn't going to lead on one of the most popular guys in school for my own benefit.

"Kip!" he called, chasing me down once more. "Kip! Won't you at least tell me why you won't go out with me?" I sighed and turned stopped, waiting for him to catch up with me.

"Because, you don't actually like me," I replied and began walking again, leaving him standing there. I sighed as I heard his feet on the sidewalk again. He was a persistent bastard.

"Why do you say that?" he asked, following behind me without inhibiting me walking away from him.

"Because you are always dating the cheerleaders and the popular girls," I replied, without even casting a glance in his direction. "You're captain of the football and soccer teams, class president, and extremely social. You have no real interest in someone who doesn't bother to interact with anyone else, isn't part of any club or team, and doesn't have breasts." He was silent for a long moment after that even though he never stopped following me.

"You're rather observant," he said and I finally stopped, standing at the end of my driveway. "Why is it that you don't talk to anyone unless they force you to?"

"Because people are nosy," I snapped. "And when they find out your secrets, they become mean. I prefer to be alone than to be the butt of everyone's jokes. Now, if you'll excuse me." I turned on my heel and began up my driveway, hoping that I had said enough to make him finally leave me alone. My hopes were dashed as I heard him jogging up behind me.

"You live here?" he asked and I nodded, trying to keep my annoyance at his actions to myself. "Can I come in?" I whirled around, glaring at him.

"If I say no, will you leave me alone?" I demanded, thoroughly sick of his pestering. Why couldn't he just get the idea that I wanted to be left alone? He shook his head at me. "And if I say yes, will you leave me alone afterwards?"

"If you truly wish me to," he replied and I sighed, turning around to continue up the steps to the door. I unlocked the door and cast a glance over my shoulder to see him still standing at the base of the steps, waiting for my answer.

"Fine, but don't say I didn't warn you," I said and he leaped up the steps, a huge grin on his face. As soon as we were both inside the door, I turned to him, narrowing my eyes in suspicion. "So what's the bet?" I smirked as his face fell, the horror and surprise on it telling much more than his persistence in following me home.

"B-bet?" he stuttered and I rolled my eyes at him.

"Yes, bet," I replied. "I already told you that you have no interest in me and yet you continued to pursue me all the way home and now you are in my house. So what was the bet? Is it that you had to come inside? Or is there a particular base that you have to get to with anti-social girl?" He sighed, running his hand through his hair nervously before he licked his lips.

"You're pretty smart," he mumbled and I could see the blush on his cheeks even in the dim light of the entry hall. "Several of the guys on the soccer team bet me that I couldn't get to second base with you." I sighed and crossed my arms over my stomach.

"What was second base again?" I asked and his eyes came up, surprise once more in the dark blue orbs.

"Wait," he said. "You mean you'd still help me win the bet?" I nodded slightly and then shrugged.

"On the condition that you leave me the fuck alone after you leave here," I replied. "I actually like not being bothered by people. So what is second base?" Now it was his turn to sigh as he shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other.

"Um, second base is making out with heavy petting," he mumbled. I frowned as I didn't really want to let him touch me, knowing full well it would give away my secret. I sighed and started towards the stairs that led up to my room.

"Oral would be third base, right?" I asked, not looking back to see the surprise that would definitely appear on his face once more.

"It would," he mumbled as he began to follow behind me. "But you don't have to go that far. Like I said, second base was the limit." I shook my head and opened the door to my room. It was pretty plain and wouldn't really give anything away in and of itself. As soon as he was inside, I closed and locked my door, dropping my bookbag next to my desk.

"Sit," I commanded and he looked at me blankly as he sat carefully on the edge of my bed. I moved over to him, kneeling between his legs as my hands reached to undo his uniform slacks.

"Kip, you don't have to do this," he mumured, though his voice had become husky, his body already liking the idea of where I was going. He gasped softly as my fingers found his half hardened arousal, pulling it free of it's cloth prison. I leaned forward, running the tip of my tongue over the soft flesh, smirking to myself at how quickly he became fully aroused. I wrapped my mouth around the head, letting my tongue explore the heated flesh, before I drew more of his length into my mouth.

As he began to moan, I began to suck, bobbing my head slowly over his member. I ignored his hand as it slid into my hair, gripping the thick locks tightly in his fist as his moans grew louder. Using my hands to push his legs further apart, I pressed more of him into my mouth, opening my throat so that the head wouldn't trigger my gag reflex. His pants and moans became louder as I kept bringing him deep into my throat and I could tell by the way his hips were starting to thrust, that he was getting close.

"Oh, god, Kip!" he moaned just before his member exploded in my mouth, filling it with his warm, sweet seed. I didn't hesitate before swallowing it, making sure that I had every last drop before I removed my mouth and got back to my feet. I brushed the wetness from my lips as he fixed his pants, his eyes half closed from the afterglow he was feeling. After a few minutes, he finally stood, his eyes focused on my face. "You really didn't have to do that, Kip," he whispered, moving closer and reaching for me.

"If you wanted to win your bet, I did," I said quickly. "I'd prefer not to be touched by someone who's not serious." He stopped as I moved away from him, keeping myself out of reach.

"Why don't you want to be touched?" he asked quietly and I was beginning to regret letting him into my house. He just wouldn't leave. He had what he wanted, so why wouldn't he just leave. "You're really cute and obviously not a lesbian from how well you use your mouth. You could have any guy at the school you wanted." I rolled my eyes and moved to the door, unlocking it and opening it back up.

"You've won your bet," I said in lieu of a reply. "Please, just leave me alone now. You don't like me and even if you did, you wouldn't once you knew me. So, please, for my sake, just leave me alone." For a moment, I could have sworn that I saw a look of hurt pass over his expression, but then he nodded and followed me back down the stairs. I watched as he opened the front door, starting to go through it before pausing and looking back at me.

"I wouldn't mind getting to know you, Kip," he said softly. "I get the feeling that I wouldn't regret it." I laughed coldly and crossed my arms over my stomach again.

"Trust me," I replied. "You don't want to know me. Just go back to your friends, collect your winnings, and then forget today ever happened. I know, I will." Again I saw that look of hurt before he turned away and left finally, closing the door softly behind him. I locked it back and with a sigh, headed upstairs to my room. I figured that by lunch time tomorrow the entire school would know about what happened this afternoon and I rolled my eyes. That was why I didn't want him to touch me. I didn't want him to find out I was really a boy and then have the entire school find out. Being seen as a slut was a much better option than as a crossdressing fag.


The next day at school went exactly as I had expected it to. I could hear the girls whispering and laughing as I passed them silently and the crude remarks made by the boys. I was glad that I had expected this, as if it I had bothered to hold any delusions of it being different, I would have been sorely disappointed. Of course, I ignored it all, going to my classes and taking the notes I needed to take to do my homework later. I didn't have a reputation to be damaged to begin with and I didn't care what people thought of me, as long as they didn't know the truth.

"Kip!" I heard someone call as I sat under a tree during lunch. I recognized the voice and ignored it, hoping that he would just leave me alone. Of course, I just couldn't get that lucky. "Kip, why do you always sit here by yourself? You can't possibly enjoy being alone all the time." I turned a glare up at him.

"Yes, I do fucking enjoy being left alone," I snapped, making him take a small step back. I quickly picked up my stuff, and stood, dusting off the back of my uniform skort. "I told you yesterday, to leave me alone. I'd appreciate it if you would listen." I shouldered my way passed him, but it seemed as if he had no idea just what alone meant.

"Seriously, why do you enjoy being so standoffish? I think that you'd have no problems at all if you were just a little nice once in awhile," he said as he followed me into the school building. Once we were around the corner from the cafeteria, he grabbed my shoulder, spinning me around and pressed me against the wall. "Look, I don't get what you are trying to hide from everyone and despite what you seem to think, I am interested in you. So stop pushing me away and let me get to know you."

"Shut up," I hissed and attempted to brush his hand off my shoulder. "You don't know anything. I've got my reasons and I don't need to explain them to you. Just leave me alone!" Despite my protests, he wouldn't let me go and was in fact, getting closer. "Stop, please... I beg you. Just please... leave me alone..." I whispered, my anger quickly dissipating only to be replaced by fear. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes and fought hard to keep them from escaping and rolling down my cheeks.

"Kip?" he asked softly, noticing the change in my tone.

"Please... just... leave me alone..." I whispered again and felt his hand slip from my shoulder. I immediately took off down the hall, in the direction of the library, the one place that no one ever bothered me. I entered through the double doors, moving quickly to the back corner where there was a single small table, and collapsed into a chair. He just had no idea about boundaries and I had thought I'd made myself so clear. I'd moved to get away from people like him and people much more pushy than he was.

I sighed, burying my face in my arms, wishing that I was anyone other than who I was right then. If I didn't look so much like a girl, everything would be okay. My mother would still be married to my step father, I'd still be at my old school, and I could hide the fact that I liked boys better. I also wouldn't be getting hounded by the most popular guy in school, who would likely damn near kill me when he learned the truth. Why couldn't anyone ever just do as I asked and leave me alone? Why did they always insist on trying to pry my secrets from me and then become disgusted the moment they knew the truth? Why couldn't anything just be simple?

The ringing of the bell pulled me out of my negative thoughts and slowly I made my way out of the library, merging into the mass of students heading to their next class. I kept my head bowed, once again ignoring the whispers that floated around me. However, they seemed to be changing from the rumours of me being a slut to Tylere having a crush on the creepy bookworm. I just shook my head at how stupid teenagers were and how easily the gossip managed to change as the day went on.

As soon as the final bell rang, I made my way from the building, turning towards home to once more spend the rest of the day alone. I didn't look up when I heard my name being called. I didn't stop when asked to. I just wanted to get away from people again and be alone and I knew that if I stopped for even a moment, that I wouldn't get what I wanted.

"Oh Kipper, it's nice to see you finally dressing the way you always should have," a deep voice mocked and I immediately froze, my head snapping up to see someone I had hoped that I'd left far behind.

"C-c-craig," I stuttered in a voice barely above a mouse's squeak. I could feel the heat of a blush rise to my cheeks at his comment. This could not be happening. This was my worst nightmare come true. Okay, so not my worst nightmare, but it ranked right up there.

"Kipper, you have no idea how disappointed I was to find out that you moved away," the tall blonde said in an overly dramatic fashion. "Once I found out where you disappeared to, I simply had to transfer schools to be with you again." I whimpered slightly, my eyes now focusing on his clothes and realizing that he was wearing my school's uniform. I could only stare at him in wide eyed horror as he moved closer, his hand reaching out for my face as he leaned in close. "So tell me, Kipper. Did you miss me as much as I missed you?" he breathed into my ear.

"Kip!" Tylere called as he trotted up to where I had frozen at the edge of the schoolyard. I turned to glance at him over my shoulder, his own eyes widening as I'm sure he caught sight of the tears rolling down my cheeks. "Hey, you're the new transfer student, right?" he asked tentatively as he walked up.

"Yeah. Craig Sutherland," Craig said, straightening up and offering a hand out to Tylere. I looked away from both of them, too scared of Craig to actually just leave. Plus, I didn't want him to follow me and find out where I lived. "And you are?" I shuddered slightly at the hint of annoyance in his voice, knowing that at my last school, it would mean pain for me later.

"Tylere Moore," he replied. "Do you know Kip or something?"

"Kipper and I used to go to the same school," Craig said. "She and I had a wonderful relationship going until she suddenly moved away." I felt Tylere tense beside me, having caught on to the insinuation and I let my head hang in shame. Things were going to go back to how they were before, even if no one knew what my real gender was, Craig was here now and that was almost worse.

"I see," Tylere mumbled. "Well, I guess I'll let you two catch up then. See you later, Kip. Nice meeting you, Craig." I listened as his footfalls faded away, my fear growing with each step he took.

"Now, now, Kipper," Craig growled lowly. "What are these nasty rumours I heard today about you giving that guy a blow job? Did you forget that you are my bitch?" I shook my head, not daring to raise my eyes to his face. I knew he was angry. "Answer me, bitch!" I trembled slightly as his voice raised, but I couldn't find my voice to make it work. I yelped as the back of his hand came down hard across my cheek, knocking me to the ground as I wasn't expecting the blow.

"Why?" I cried, my hand covering my stinging cheek as I finally looked up at the boy who'd made my life miserable only six months earlier. "Why couldn't you just let me go and leave me alone?" I gasped as his foot came down on my groin, applying just enough pressure to be uncomfortable and remind me that he would apply his full weight if I disobeyed him.

"You think I could just let my favourite pet run away from me?" he sneered. "When I told you that you were mine, it was until I was through with you, not the other way around. Do you understand, Kipper?" I nodded slowly and he removed his foot from my groin. "Get up. We have some 'catching up' to do." I shuddered violently at the way he said the same thing Tylere had, knowing that I wasn't going to like what he had in mind. I didn't move fast enough for him though, and I screamed as he grabbed my hair and jerked me to my feet.

"Hey! Let her go!" Tylere suddenly yelled, running back to where we were.

"Stay out of this," Craig hissed and began to drag me towards the student parking lot. "This is between me and my pet." I cast a glance back to Tylere and just shook my head. This was why I didn't want him trying to get to know me. This was something that even I didn't want to know. I whimpered as Craig pushed me into his car, my trembling having grown worse. I glanced up once more as the car started, to see Tylere standing at the entrance to the lot, watching the car back out with a look of concern and regret. I began to wish that I had never let him in yesterday, as I knew that tomorrow, he wouldn't leave me alone until I told him at least who Craig was to me.