Prophecy of the Fallen

By J.L Lofthouse

Copyright © 2010 Jessica Lofthouse

I would just like to say that this story is copyrighted, and I wouldn't even try to think about ignoring that fact for YOU WILL BE CAUGHT. This is the result of my hard work and I have evidence to prove that this work is mine and mine alone.

Take this as your first and only warning.

I have edited this story, i had lost the plot but just thought of a new one but in order for it to work i needed to change things. So i hope it is better than before hope you like it please review!

Thanks :)


It was many years ago now, but I remember it like it was only yesterday, the sweet smell of the flowers in the rich golden, sunlit field, the warm summer's breeze, light as a feather upon my pale skin, the sound of my mother's gentle loving voice, singing the lullaby that she always sung to me, my mother was a beautiful woman with gentle brown eyes and long flowing blond hair, she always seemed to be to young to be a mother but I wouldn't have her any other way, my black wolf, sitting asleep lazily on the porch.

I remember the small little white cottage, which my mum and I used to live in, it was in a small meadow isolated from the rest of civilization where no-one could bother us. It was so peaceful, like it was filled with white magick. The small cosy rooms, and the big warm fire in the living room, life was so peaceful then.

Everything was simple. Just me and mum.

Then one day everything stop being so simple, the day I played in the meadow beside the forest, the day I heard that voice.

I was playing in the sunlit meadows, beside the forest. It was such a nice warm day I could here my mother singing the sweet lullaby. A warm summer's breeze blew in from the forest, and with it a musical voice followed. The words were sweet and sounded so gentle, I got up from where I was playing, my white cotton dress covered in grass stains as it fell to my knees, and followed the voice. Wolf had awoken then as if he could hear the voice too he came and followed me. The trees were think and old, the smell oak was somehow refreshing. The rhyme continued and so did I following it wanting to see where such a beautiful voice came from.

I came to an opening, to a little lake, with a waterfall and flowers all around it. I looked around for the voice but saw nothing. It was coming from across the lake behind the small waterfall, the sound was so enchanting that I came closer to the lake, straining my ears to here more of the beautiful voice was. I stepped onto one of the stone steps that buried itself within the lake. Wolf had stopped and begun whining like he was trying to tell me something but I didn't listen now I wish I had.

I took another step and another; I was near the water fall now. I reached out to touch it, then suddenly a cool, smooth voice filled with hast said

Stop, go back.

My hand froze. I had looked around for the new voice but there was no-one around, the other musical voice followed, but it was getting faster more urgent, it drew me in once again.

I turned to face the water fall once more, but when I did there was a face behind the waterfall, a horrid, deformed face with cold murderous eyes. A loud piercing scream filled the air, it was only later did I realise that the scream came from my very young mouth.


The voice said again. I turned and ran. I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me with Wolf right beside me. I could hear something behind me, a low, angry growl and it hadn't come from Wolf. It frightened me so much, tears ran down my face, then the soft voice came back.

It's okay, just keep running, get out of the forest. It told me.

I burst out through the trees lining the forest and was in the meadow that I had just left. But now it was dark, the sun had been captured by angry black clouds, and the wind whipped my face so hard that it hurt.

I ran back to my little home, it wasn't till I saw it that I realised my mother was not singing. Horror filled my small heart. I ran up to the house, it wasn't full of magick and light like it normally was. It was cold and something about it gave off the feeling that it was dangerous. I walked to the door, but he voice said, no don't, get away from it, run away. Sometimes I wonder now would I have ever listen to the voice if I realised? Probably not, all I knew then was that I wanted my mum, and that she had to be in there waiting for me.

But she wasn't.

In fact she was no-where. The house was like it always was, neat and tidy, but only it was filled of terror, coldness, and darkness.

"mummy?" I still hear my young voice say the word, looking for the one thing that would make me feel safe, but full of the realisation that she was no longer there.

I walked around the house, when I tripped over my own feet. I fell to the floor, but I didn't get up instead like the little girl I was I stayed there and cried. Wolf came to my side, whining and rubbing his big head against my arm to comfort me.

Cry later, be strong for now. Said the voice. You have to listen to me, your mum is gone, and she is not coming back. They have her and they are not going to let her go. Now you must get up! Get up! Get up my love! They are coming back for you, you must get away! NOW!

I lifted my head up, then my body, when I was standing; I looked around one more time. I saw my necklace that I had gotten for my birthday, it lay there, the silver key clung to a silver chain. I grabbed it off the table and did what the voice told me to. I ran… I ran out of the house, into the small garden, I looked around; I was only a child, so how was I supposed to now where I was going? All I remember was that I followed what the voice was telling me, I was across the meadow when I looked back at my home, hiding behind a giant oak. There where people there, dressed in black clothes, they went into the house. I didn't stay to watch them, the voice told me to keep running, so I did. Later, sometime during the late hours of the night, I remember being hungry and tired, I had fallen to the ground at a point unable to carry on anymore lying on the cold ground, Wolf had tried to get me up but I just couldn't move. Then I remember strong arms lifting me up, carrying me, their warm body was more than welcoming. Soon I was put on the ground again, and I heard the sound of a doorbell, a feather like kiss on the top of my head, and the voice, saying: dream, my love.

Later when I woke up, I was in a warm house, being looked after by kind and gentle people. The police came, they had told me that my house was fine, no sign of a break in or anything. They said that my mother had run away, but I told them that she couldn't have. They didn't believe me. They didn't believe me when I told them about the men that broke into the house. But then again who would? I was I child, no-one ever believed kids. They said that they found a note to me from my mum, telling me that she had indeed ran away and left me, a single piece of paper, with a message wrote in a handwriting that was defiantly not my mum's, it had said that she had done the best for seven years but it was too much for her, she was young and wanted to live and hoped that one day that I would forgive her.

I knew it was fake, even a small child of six years old could tell that.

But I still kept it.

An odd reason.

I was taken to an orphanage the next day. Days passed, and then weeks, then months, and soon years. I still waited. Waited for my mum to come and get me.

But she never did.

I guess the voice was right they had got her, whoever they were. I never hear the sweet, cool voice again, sad to say, I would love to have known who saved me that day.

But then again, you should always be careful for what you wish for, because you never know when that wish could turn into your worst nightmare.