Hey guys, right before you kill me let me apologize for not updating. You see I got so caught up in my new story that I forgot about the others, I know I'm horrible. Plus I had all my exams and holiday and yadda yadda yadda, but I swear to you not that it is summer I am going to crack down on all my stories and put more chapters up I think I have figured out the plots to all my stories...well I know the direction I'm taking them in and I soooooo hope you like them thank you everyone who has stayed with this stories I really appreciate it you are amazing! All I ask of you is to hold on just a bit longer so I can re read the stories to find out where I am and what will happen next and I will try my best to be faster with new chapters.

Thank you all for staying with me I will work my hardest for all of you. See you soon :)