I'm a Vampire.

Chapter 1

I sighed as I stood on top of my house. About an hour ago I told Shannon I had to go to bed. Of course I knew I didn't need to sleep.

She had been sad but I told her I would talk to her in the morning. I am sad now. I would love to talk with her all the time, but that would mean I would need to bite her, and I can't take her life from her unless she chooses to be with me.

I jumped down and landed gently on the ground, I am thirsty. I sniff the air and smell some small rodents and squirrels "Geez" I said "I have to go out into the mountains again, such a long run"

Turning toward the mountains and beginning a light jog, I smiled "I guess it is ok, I like deer, maybe I will find a lion" my feet began to pick up speed.

Soon I was flying across the ground as fast as a motorcycle. I could go faster, much faster, but that would ruin the fun.

My mouth opened slightly as my fangs extended out over my bottom lip and my eyes glowed fiery red.


A large buck was getting ready for sleep, not much of a hunt but I was thirsty enough. I leaped and wrapped my arms around the buck's upper body and bit into its neck.

My fangs sunk deeply into the main artery and I drank.

Animal blood was a lot less sweet than humans, but I could risk it. It was a Saturday; too many people would be out. Maybe if it was Monday or some other weekdays I could go out and attack a drunk or homeless person, either would be great.

I dropped the deer's body to the ground and wiped off my mouth "Man, human blood is better" I said smiling.

I don't kill humans. Oh no, a few sips are all a need from a human and I am full. Animal blood is good enough to keep me alive, but I need a lot more than if I were to drink from a human.

My teeth became normal and I ran to the top of the mountain to sit at its peak "I love this" I said as I looked out at the starry night.

I rubbed my eyes; they felt different when I wasn't wearing my glasses. Not that I needed them, I have perfect vision.

It is just good for appearances; the light hitting the plain glass causes my eyes to look less fierce than they would if I stared into someone's eyes without them.

Vampires. It all started with the three original Vampires.

Dracula, Dermis, and Epirus. The other two knew how to be normal and die when they were supposed to. But Dracula. Sigh. Dracula.

He was a man of great feats. He was the first of the three to figure out the abilities of a Vampire. We could walk up walls and even change shape. Not a bat, maybe a large wolf or deer. Or a very, very big bat.

Vampires couldn't change the mass, only the shape. He also found out that Vampires were immortal. Though the time he did it was a little bad. He had faked his own death and came out in front of a man.

The man's name was Bram Stoker. Dracula had been thirsty and bitten him. Of course this was before he knew that Vampire blood could be injected through the fangs. Mr. Stoker became a Vampire. A hundred years later he wrote the book he became famous for.

The book described his friend's attempts to try and get a woman's love. Albeit it wasn't the whole truth of course. All great writers change things.

A few years back, when I became thirteen, I met Stoker. It was weird. He talked like he was older than Shakespeare. He said he was the great, great, great grandson of the Bram Stoker who wrote the book.

I was excited, for I love Vampires and any book relating to them. I had read the book and began asking questions. I moved around a lot and fell over. I cut my neck a little and the blood oozed out.

He hadn't drank anything for about a week, and Vampires can't go for more than four, maybe five days without blood. I was there so he latched on.

He was incredibly strong and I couldn't stop him when his fangs pierced my skin. It didn't feel so bad after that. Like a pleasing sensation.

It is different, the way people feel when they are bitten by a Vampire. If a Vampire of the opposite sex bites you then it becomes pleasurable and makes you feel extremely good.

If it is the same sex then it is just pleasing, like taking a hot bath after a cold day. Then I felt the warmth flood into my neck. He had just made me into a Vampire.

Later I asked him why and he told me it had been an accident, when you are thirsty enough you lose all control and blood can be released.

Vampires can't reproduce, so to create more of them, their bodies are naturally ready to inject blood into their pray. A human can only become a Vampire. There still wasn't an explanation for that. It is likely that there will ever be.

He told me about how he became one and about Dracula. When I asked him how Dracula became one he explained that Dracula had suddenly had a heart attack and died without anyone knowing. Then suddenly as he had died his heart started up and he was better.

I was told that blood lust didn't start for a year. That was good; I quickly learned all I needed to know about how to be a Vampire. How we were stronger and faster than humans. I learned how to control my strength and speed to match that of a healthy kid my age.

He stayed around to teach me how to drink blood and how not to turn someone into a Vampire. It was easy; I could just close up the small hole that released my blood into a human's bloodstream.

When I had it mastered he left. I never saw him after that. It was like losing a close friend.

When I was fifteen I met The Three. It was the best night of my life. I had been running for fun and had made it to México and the Aztec ruins. It seemed as though they had been there for years. I learned a lot more than I knew I could.

Vampires changed under the age of twenty five continued to age until then. Also, the older you got, the more your mind opened. At that point they could show each other thoughts and send memories to each other and anyone else.

I learned that Vampires couldn't read thoughts unless they were allowed to. But they could feel the feelings of humans and animals once their fangs entered them.

Also with age, Vampires could become more than one animal their own size. I was glad to be able to learn this ability, though I could only become a large black fox.

Dracula told me that Stoker stopped trying to learn more about being a Vampire and just tried to live. They yearned for knowledge.

I did too. But I learned all I could from them. I returned home and just lived my life. Then I met Shannon and fell in love with her. Now a year later I am going to meet her.

I sighed and ran back home. The sun was coming up. My day was about to start, and now I need to pack my things.

Now it was almost time for me to tell Shannon my secret.

I'm a Vampire.