I'm a Vampire.

Chapter 5

Sex and Blood.

I smiled and began to pull her bra off. Shannon ran her hands down to the bottom of my shirt and began to pull that up too.

I helped her take it off, showing my fit chest "You like?" I asked tossing her bra with my shirt "I sure do"

She giggled and ran her hands down my chest "you're so hot" she said kissing me.

I kissed her back "So are you" I rubbed her D-sized breasts.

She blushed and laughed, her legs tightened a bit from where they were wound around my waist. Shivering, I took a nipple into my mouth and gently sucked on it. She moaned instantly, her moans were music to my ears.

I smiled and moved to the other one; I could feel her warmth increasing between my legs.

She shivered "w-wow" was all she could say to all the pleasure she was getting.

Grinning, I stood up and pulled of my pants, my cock sprung up to meet her. I looked between her legs and saw a large wet spot "Wet?" I asked. She nodded, reaching to slip down her panties.

I froze "God you are beautiful" I said gazing at her from head to toe. From her cute shy face to her glistening, wet hole. Looks, and smells, sweet. I lick my lips and leaned down to taste her pussy.

Shannon moaned again "fuck" she said as I licked her.

Pushing my tongue deep, I tasted her. God was it wonderful. Hmm? What is this? My tongue touched a small barrier. Her hymen! I am going to save you for my cock. I moved up and licked the little nub. Shannon's fingers tangled into my hair as she moaned loudly.

I nibbled on that nub and listened to her sweet moaned. She opened her mouth to scream "fucking hell!"

I grin and move away "Ready for the main course?" I asked and rubbed my cock against her pussy.

She bit her lip "yes" she said "take me and fuck me....p-please?"

Nodding, I slowly pushed into her and stopped at her hymen "This will hurt at first" I said "But once we get passed that, I will fuck you as much as you want"

She nodded "I'll b-be ok" She hugged me tightly.

Suddenly, I thrusted into her body and groaned as I finally took her virginity. She buried her face in my neck, feeling it burn as I 'popped her cherry'

I held her close and let her get used to the pain,

She looked at me and kissed me softly "i-i'm ready" she said, slight pain in her voice.

I kissed her back and began to move my cock in and out of her sweet and tight pussy slowly.

Shannon moved with me, moving her pussy up and down my cock at the same time. I groaned deeply "God you are so tight" I said as our thighs slapped together gently. Our two sex organs bringing more pleasure each time we met.

Shannon moaned "Shit this is gooooodd" she said.

"Yes it is" I began to move faster, feeling her pussy pull me in with each thrust.

I felt her pussy tighten even more around my dick as she felt pleasure. She was almost screaming in ecstasy. Moving faster "Oh shit" I moaned as our thighs began to slap harder. I could feel my cock touching the back of her pussy.

"SHIT!" She screamed as I touched the sensitive-pleasurable spot of her pussy. I now aimed my cock for that spot and continued to hit it. I loved hearing her moans.

"fuck! FUCK!" she kept moaning and screaming, oh god this was good. I was pretty sure we both were close.

Moving faster, I leaned down and bit back into her neck. I moaned as my cock exploded and filled her sweet pussy full of my cum. She came too, breathing hard. "holy...shi-it that was g-g-great" she breathed.

I grinned as my breathing became normal "Yes it was, and guess what? Vampire's never run out of stamina" I chuckled "I could fuck you forever"

"But I will" She said "at least until I turn into a vampire..."

I blinked "You want to become a Vampire?" I asked.

"Later on....not right now" she said kissing me softly.

I kissed her back just as softly "I would love to make you a Vampire" I said smiling "Hey, will you still let me drink from you? If I get thirsty?"

She nodded "my blood can be yours whenever you wish it to be"

I smiled brightly "I love you" I said "And when you become a Vampire then you can drink my blood all you want" I licked the two small holes on her neck and sealed them up again "These won't ever heal" I said "They are permanent, it marks you as both my blood and my love"

Shannon smiled and kissed him strongly and passionately.

I kissed her back deeply.

Sex and Blood, what a wonderful combination.