A/N: My first story posted on FictionPress, this was my 2008 NaNoWriMo winner. Please be kind.

Prologue: Riff in the Moon

The King of Apropinquandi Montui, King Petrelli Mondui Paprin I smiled at his wife and stroked her cheek gently as they stared at the faces of the two darling twins snuggled in the cradle. The boy, Darnell Paprin IX, smiled serenely as he slept next to his sister while the moon outside graced the edges of the crib. His sister, Tenoh Paprin IX, carefully guarded her prized brother's hands while they slept. Petrelli smiled at his wife, Queen Kaunis Valtameri Paprin III.

"They're beautiful," he smiled and kissed her cheek.

"Yes they are," Kaunis agreed as she leaned against him.

The twins were only a few days old, but it was time to introduce their older sister. Both of the parents turned from the cradle as they started on their way to go and get their oldest child. However as they crossed the room, the loud crash of breaking glass disturbed the silence. A lone figure with a mask entered into the room, swinging in a heroic fashion from a rope. Petrelli spun around as he saw the figure charging towards the babies, Kaunis had already summoned a magical flame to her hand, waiting for the moment to attack. She wasn't in a position to launch the fire attack, lest the crib catch fire in the process.

Petrelli drew his sword and sprinted for the shadowy figure in the shadows. The figure made a mad dash for the cradle as the King charged towards them. Petrelli swung at the figure, the figure ducked and the sword cleaved the cover of the cradle. The shadowy character seized the first baby he saw, which happened to be Tenoh. The baby girl continued to sleep quite calmly, but her brother woke up with a sob. The wide eyes opened and a loud wail pieced the room. Kaunis' rage overwhelmed her. She shot off her fire attack at the retreating form of the shadowed person. The figure fell forward with a shout of pain, the light illuminating the face of a young man as the mask hit the ground. The baby flew into the air, waking up as she sailed towards the large mirror on the far side of the room.

"No!" Petrelli shouted as he ran towards the recovered man, who had pulled his mask bask on. Kaunis realized that if her child hit the mirror that it would not end well at all for the baby. Instead she summoned a vast amount of power from the crystal that made up the castle.

"In this land, towards the next, be sent!" She shouted and cast the only spell she could at this point. The baby sailed through the liquefied mirror to whatever fate awaited her. Petrelli scooped up Darnell's crying form into his arms and shushed the child as he glanced up just in time to see the shadow figure escape.

Not two seconds later, a regiment of guards burst through the door, "My Lord, what's all the commotion?" The captain of the guard shouted.

"Now you choose to show up," the Queen sighed sarcastically.

The King's bushy brows furrowed with rage and sorrow. "Go check on the Princess."

The guards saluted and ran off to check on the Princess, the King turned back to the Queen. "Why Tenoh…?" She muttered as she wandered over to the large mirror that their daughter had disappeared through only moments before.

The King hung his head, "I don't know… but we will find her… Darnell needs her, we need her."

"Yes we will," she nodded slowly as they glanced up through the broken window to the blood red moon.