Reef Games

Star induced dreams

In far away, far fetched places

Dastardly deeds gone so wrong

Just way too close for any comfort

Come, it's time to jump ship

Just another parachute trail.

Headed far, far to the west

Aches for all these joints

Falling, falling, I've been hit

Smoke trails, the scent it lingers

The feel of wispy, traceless fingers.

Scolding, but it feels so good

The oil spills out into the ocean

The wings flying oh so high

Laced with a sweet surprise

Ecstasy inside your distant eyes

Not destroyed, relive the moment

Twice, three times if you please

Four just does not produce a charm

Please fasten your seatbelt

We're going fast now

All over the world

It ain't this world

It's mine.