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During her teen years Scarlet struggled with herself, being raised in a strictly religious household and having sexual dreams. Her only comfort was the sanctity of those dreams where Grayson provided her with not only comfort but awakened a hunger inside of her.

At twenty-three she was still having those dreams, resigning herself to believing that those dreams would be all she would ever have in life until one night her dream man shows up, proving he's more real than she ever expected.

As Scarlet struggles her new life and powers, she's throw into a centuries old war that means life and death for her and the people she cares about. She must learn to accept herself for what she is and defeat the zealots that intend to end her life.

Paranormal Romance

Contains strong explicit sexual content, language, and violence. Some content may not be suitable for all readers.

Scarlet Rose
written by Tatiana Knight


10 years ago...

She knew she was dreaming. She had to be because she wouldn't be in her pajamas in the backyard while it was snowing in the middle of the summer.

Scarlet sat on the iron bench looking at the fountain that wasn't running. Her attention switched to a man who stood to her left, looking at her.

"Why are you here?" she asked, confused and curious why the man would be in her dream. She didn't recognize him but he looked old enough to be one of her father's students. He had light brown eyes – the color some cats had and dark hair that hung just past his ears. He had to be at least six foot two, which towered over her definitely as she was sitting down; and he had the body of a professional soccer player, lean limbs covered with muscle.

He seemed just as confused as he asked, "Where is here?" He stepped closer, his boot-covered feet crunching in the snow until he was next to the bench, looking around slowly and taking in his surroundings.

"My dream… No one has ever been here with me though," she looked around before adding, "It's the first time its ever snowed, too."

The man sat next to her on the bench, "What's your name?"

"Scarlet Rose, but everyone calls me Rose. What's your name?"

He gave her a soft smile, "Grayson. Now why are you here? Are you lost?"

Scarlet shook her head, frowning. "No, I'm not lost. This is my yard."

"Then why are you here all alone, Scar?"

Tingles went down her spine at his nickname for her, he was the only person to ever call her that and she liked it better than rose. "It's the only place I can't hear them screaming. They hate me because I'm dirty. I have bad dreams and they argue about me."


"My mom and dad," A tear slid down her cheek despite trying to hide it. She wiped it away as quickly as she could but he saw.

Grayson touched her cheek, tracing the damp trail the single tear had left, "What are these dreams that make your parents hate you?"

Scarlet blushed, suddenly more embarrassed than upset, "Mom says they're sinful and that I shouldn't dream about it."

He smirked a little before asking softly, "Do you dream of being with men?" She blushed more and nodded, looking away from him. "Do you like the dreams?"

"Mom and dad say I can't because it's a sin to think like that until I'm married."

Grayson tsked, "That's not what I asked. Do you like them?" Again she blushed and nodded. "When did these dreams start? How often do you have them?"

Scarlet was embarrassed but comforted by this, he was the first person to ask her about what she liked – to asked her anything about the dreams except to yell at her for it. "I had the first one on my birthday. I have them every once and a while though, sometimes once a week." Looking at Grayson she asked, "Am I going to hell for having those dreams?"

"No, darling, you're not going to Hell. Can I ask you something that might embarrass you?"

"I... I guess." She stammered.

"Who is in your dreams with you?"

She shrugged, "It's always dark and I can never see his face but..." she trailed off, blushing beat red. She couldn't believe she was talking to this man about this but at least he was only in her dreams.

"But what, Scar?"

"He makes me feel good."

"Do you like the feeling he gives you?"

She nodded, "Yeah but he never kisses me on the mouth."

"But he's kissed you in other places?" When she nodded, a look she didn't recognize came to his eyes. "Will you show me?" Nodding again Scarlet, and touched her neck, "Anywhere else?" She moved her hand down to her small breasts and she heard him suck in his breath. "Is that it?" When she hesitated he encouraged her. "It's okay that you tell me." Her hands moved down to the juncture of her thighs. "And he's never kissed your mouth?"


Crooking his finger, he motioned for her to move closer to him, "Come here."

Scarlet scooted closer to him so she was sitting right next to him. He placed a finger under her chin and tilted her head up so she was looking into his eyes. Grayson leaned in slowly until his lips were against hers.

She could hardly breathe at the feel of his lips against hers, her body began to buzz as she put her hands on his shoulders and parted her lips.

Grayson's hands went to frame her face and pull her deeper into the kiss, his tongue plunging into her mouth and dancing with hers.

When he pulled away, he tucked her hair behind her ear. "I'll be here for you, Scarlet Rose. If you want to explore your curiosity more just ask."

"You're leaving?" she asked, frowning.

"You have to wake up."

"How will you know if I want to explore more?"

He smirked, "Just come back to this place and I'll know." He stood up and said. "Bye, Scar."

She couldn't think of what to say as she watched him walk away. She began to frown, her dream world started to fade away until she was in her girly bedroom.

"Get up, Rose. Time for school," Her mother said from the doorway of her room. Scarlet sighed and sat up, frowning more as she thought of the man of her dreams.

Seven years ago...

Scarlet was in her place again, sitting on the bench looking at the fountain. This time it was spring, the trees were in bloom, the grass was green and the fountain had water spouting out of it.

"Scar," Grayson whispered next to her ear as his hand went to her shoulders and slid down to cup her breasts.

"Mmm... Gray." She turned her head to nuzzle the inside of his arm. "I've missed you."

He chuckled, "You came to me three days ago, Darling."

"I still missed you," she grabbed one of his hands and lifted it from her breast before placing a kiss on his palm.

Grayson circled the bench so he was sitting next to her. He leaned into her and kissed her neck, suckling it and nipping playfully.


"Yes, Scar?"

"Tell me again what I dream isn't wrong." She sent him a sad look. "My parents say I'm broken. They think I'm still dirty."

Gray shook his head with a sigh. He cupped her face in his hands and looked into her eyes. "You aren't dirty or broken. You are passionate for such a young age but it's a beautiful thing. What triggered the question this time?"

"There was a sermon at church on abstinence and how sex of any kind was a sin outside the marriage bed." Scarlet sighed. "After the sermon, I asked Father Peter why it was a sin if it felt good. My father overhead me asking and thinks I'm a slut. He made me say the forgiveness for sins prayer ten times and I'm grounded for a year."

Grayson tsked, "You must keep your question to yourself until you can ask me. It's for the best and you won't get judged for your questions."

Leaning in, she kissed his lips. "You're the only one who understands me and you're not even real."

Grayson smiled at her, "I'm more real than you give me credit for." His lips crashed into hers and she was carried away by the passion.

Three years ago...

She was sitting on the fountain's edge, her hand skimming the water as she waited for Grayson. As if on impulse she said aloud, "Don't even think about it, Gray." She turned to see Grayson standing behind her with a grin on his face.

"You know me too well," he knelt behind her and moved the hair aside before placing a kiss on her cheek and nuzzling her neck. "I thought you had a date tonight?"

"I did," she stated plainly as she grabbed one of his hands and held it in hers.

"How was it?"

"He doesn't kiss as good as you and he doesn't look at me like you do." she told him, turning her head so she could look at his features.

"Oh? And how do I look at you?"

"With lust, like you want to make love to me. You get the look every time you make me come." She looked back at the water, "You don't ever let me make you come. Are you ever going to make love to me?"

Grayson chuckled, "Eager?"

"Ever since you made me come the first time," she admitted her mind wandering back four years to when she had asked him to touch her between her legs. She had been nervous and embarrassed asking him that question but he had just smiled at her.

When he had touched her there he had made her feel so good that whenever she woke up her body still tingled.

He leaned into her ear and nibbled the lobe before he replied huskily, "I will fuck you when the time is right, Scar. When you aren't dreaming and you are really beneath me I will love you all night. But for now I'll make you feel good."

"So never," she replied tilting her head more so that he could move his lips to her neck. "We can only be here in my dreams."

Grayson chuckled and quickly pulled her from the fountain's edge, pinning her beneath him in the grass, "I'll be with you sooner than you'd think, Scarlet Rose."