Readers of Scarlet Rose,

I am writing you today to inform you all that this story is currently being plagiarized by Anirusso on under the title Sin.

Not only has she stolen my ideas and characters, she stole the story word for damn word. Everything in that story that was mine is now posted to her Wattpad page. And here I was about to start the final bonus chapter.

So here it is guys, go to her page and report her, bring that damned story down off her fucking page and I will write the last chapter. Hell if you all want I'll write a fucking sequel.

Avenge me my loyal readers, because I'm about to lose my fucking shit over this. Not even gonna try to pretend that I'm not upset over this because who the fucking wouldn't be. I'm so damned pissed. So damned mad. I could spit fire.

Its shit like this that makes you wonder how you're gonna make yourself continue to post on the internet.


Apparently, my lovelies you are unable to avenge me so I am avenging myself. I am glad to have your support and understanding and will keep you all posted on my hardship. I may begin work on the bonus chapter tomorrow depending on the time I get off work.