"String along My Lines,
give me all, give me nothing"
-Childish game of ours

live in yesterday
searching for something to cut,
for not much is there:

That light on the edge
of that thing within your mind,
Please present yourself

as I relate with,
"The less you have to offer,
the more you relate;

...easier to strike
than say, Free-flowing segment
into the next part;

...play something(,) I can't,..
what governs Appreciate
reside in my mind.

Not a task but a favor
to still, not knowing shrewd rules
and getting nearer...

Age's Our Return.
If Death and 'This moment' abut,
Hope - I would not care."

Strike up closing deal:
"Make ceaseless now or end all

"String along my lines,
give me all, give me nothing...
'Undone has not come.'"