"Wrestling is gay! Wrestling is gay!" By God was he sick of hearing those words.

Adam was a decent guy, at least he liked to think he was. He never did anything to offend anyone and held back even when something riled him. He didn't like trouble or confrontation and would avoid it wherever possible. If there was ever any built up tension or animosity then he would release it all during free periods, when he liked to spend time in the college gym.

Yet for all the effort he made in coming across the right way that hadn't stopped one guy in particular from being on his case for the last couple of months. Gabriel Knighton (or just Gabe) had being rolling out the wrestling is gay slur every time he'd even pass Adam in the corridors. It was done in that juvenile sort of way that Adam thought he'd heard the last of in high school. And why? Perhaps because Adam spent some of his spare college time with a few others in the gym practising amateur wrestling. Perhaps because Adam was so enthusiastic about pro wrestling, a sport some thought (unfairly so) should be out grown by thirteen year olds. Or perhaps (and Adam thought more likely so) because Gabe had noticed Adam watching him sometimes. Watching him across class from the corner of his eye, trying to catch a glance when he thought he wasn't looking. But Adam couldn't help it (he honestly believed), because Gabe, for all his idiotic jibes, was gorgeous.

No. Adam thought. Wrestling isn't gay. But Adam was.

Now however there would be a chance for the two boys to settle the score. Yet Adam thought the way in which they would was rather odd. Gabe had told Adam to meet him in the gym after hours, when they were the only two left and they could have it out there. Why? Gabe could have given him a beating anywhere he pleased, he was a good three inches taller than Adam (who at 5'8" was used to being the little guy) and outweighed him by at least twenty pounds. Maybe he wanted to beat him at his own game. But Adam thought it was more than that, Gabe's jibes had become an obsession, like he was going out of his way even, just to poke fun. And now he wanted to meet him in the gym, after hours. Definitely Adam thought it was something more.

Gabe arrived early. Adam was already there. It was Wednesday which meant he had wrestling time in the gym in the afternoon. Being popular with the teachers meant they could trust him to lock up when everyone else had left, not that it was a request he often made, this was the first time in fact. So his 'date' was set as it were.

Adam was still brawling with a colleague when Gabe appeared. The newcomer simply stood ahead of the entrance and watched, arms folded as Adam did his thing.

When Adam finished with his opponent he went and sat on one of the many benches around the walls. He pulled off the straps of his bodysuit so his chest and belly were exposed. After taking in a big breath of air he was about to exhale when he was suddenly joined by Gabe who sat down beside him,

"Nice work."

He was smirking, of course he was.

Adam tried to ignore him. He picked up a bottle of the water that lay with his gear and took a long gulp. He didn't notice Gabe carefully, but tactfully eye him up from head to toe. After re-hydrating Adam looked down to the floor, "The smell not put you off?" he asked, referring to the sweat he had worked up on the gym mats.

Gabe feigned a grimace, "Not particularly," he said. Adam rolled his eyes and refrained from a comical groan. Yet he wasn't too put off by the current situation. Gabe, for once, wasn't being a total ass. He was sat here, beside a man who, unbeknownst to him, fancied him like mad. He himself was stripped down to the waist in skin tight trunks yet Gabe was not poking fun. In truth he was feeling slightly elated. All that was missing was for Gabe also to be stripped to the waist and for the gym to be his bedroom. Well, one could only dream.

"Looking good big boy," Gabe said, "You were hiding a lot under them skins of yours weren't you?" Adam thought he was joking. Though in truth he didn't think himself too bad either. He wasn't in bad shape; toned enough, though his chest wasn't as developed as he would like and he did have the beginnings a beer belly, but he was physically fit and knew his boyish looks, deep brown eyes and tousled brown hair would get him far.

Decisively Adam turned to Gabe, he intended to play whatever game he had in store. "Ok," he started, "What do you want? What do you hope to get out of this?" Gabe looked back at him. Adam saw all kinds of things in his class mates dancing blue eyes. Humour, spite, excitement, and maybe even a little bit of admiration? Then another thought, such lovely blonde hair, how he'd like to run his hands ragged through that thick blonde hair.

Not that it was too thick. Gabe's hair was cut just above the neck and would be curly if it grew anymore. Perfect was how Adam would describe it. As was his face, which seemed both youthful and eternally handsome, like one of those young gods in renaissance paintings.

Gabe laughed, "It's just fun," he said, answering the question. "You think I really want to hurt you? I'll just put you on your back, then we'll know I'm right."

"Yeah 'cause that makes sense."

"You know it does, and then we'll both know that I was right. Wrestling. Is. Gay."

Two words Adam almost said (begins with F, ends in Off), but he didn't. He decided to shut up and let his mat skills do the talking. There was no reasoning with the likes of Gabriel Knighton with simple words.

A lifetime passed. When everyone but the two boys had left Gabe got to his feet. He turned and offered a hand to Adam who was now rested from his previous bout. "Sure," replied Adam but ignored Gabe's hand and got himself up.

Gabe overlooked the snub and followed Adam onto the blue gym mats. They weren't very thick, but protected the body from any real harm when being thrown down on your back. Gabe stood opposite Adam. He had been fully dressed in t-shirt, jogging bottoms and trainers. Now he kicked off the trainers and peeled off the t-shirt. The body beneath was everything Adam had expected. Toned arms, chest and stomach, perhaps just fleshy enough to get a good hold of. Most importantly though no hair other than a trail that began just below the belly button and disappeared into the rim of his bottoms.

Eagerly Adam decided to get the ball rolling, "Ok, let's go."

And so the butterflies began. Soon enough the two were touching arms as they vied for the first hold. Getting so touchy with a guy he had dreamt about sent Adam's heart racing. He felt each beat like a hammer blow and was sure the rush might cause him to pass out. Eventually Gabe hooked his arm and slung him across the mats. Maintaining his balance Adam turned back to his opponent. He had to focus, he couldn't let him win no matter what.

He saw Gabe coming at him, attempting a tackle. Quickly he side stepped the attack and hooked both his arms under the larger man's and locked his hands together. It was a full nelson. He was now standing with his arms wrapped around Gabe's, his locked hands pressing into the nape. But that wasn't what pleased him most. He was stood with his belly pressing against the others back. His crotch touching repeatedly against Gabe's backside. Feeling cheeky, Adam thrust his groin up against Gabe two times. There came no protest but he was suddenly lifted off his feet and thrown head over heels onto his back.

Adam staggered up, winded, he put a hand to the lower back where he had landed. He turned back to face Gabe only to find himself caught in a bear hug, Gabe's arms locked around his waist. Again he was not upset to be in this position. Although the breath was being squeezed out of him he revelled in their being this close to Gabe. To smell his breath, his sweat. To be rubbing belly to belly with a man he felt he could love. As he was held there he realised that Gabe, especially in the midriff, was doughier than he looked. This added to his love for the man, such soft, tender flesh. For the first time he worried about the rising sensation in his groin. Before he could worry too much a voice spoke to him, it was Gabe,

"Come on Adam," he scoffed, "You can get out of this."

He was right.

Quickly Adam brought his forearms sharply into Gabe's side's. It was enough to break the hold. Adam then wrapped his own arms round Gabe's waist and swung him round sharply enough the drag him to the mat. For the first time he found himself looking down on Gabe. He pinned his arms down with his hands and looked into his sweaty but still humorous face. Now he did have a hard on, he looked down toward his crotch and saw it clear as day. He hoped to god Gabe hadn't noticed. "Come on," he gasped, "Surely you can get out of this."

He did. He mustn't have been trying because he easily swung Adam off him and soon enough both were back at their feet, though the fatigue was starting to show.

Now the two engaged in a hand to hand battle of strength. Each tried to over power the other but in the end it was Gabe who gave in. He backed off but only so he could lunge forward and lift Adam by the thighs before slamming him on his back.

Adam's body shuddered on impact. The wind had been knocked out of him but that wasn't worried him. His erection was solid now and must have pressed into Gabe's gut as he came down on top of him. When he looked up he saw his tormentors grinning godly face looming over his own. He struggled to get free, but it was half hearted. Gabe's legs were on either side of Adam's waist, pinning him to the mat.

Panting but still enjoying himself Gabe spoke, "I know you can get out of this Adam," he said, "Or maybe." He reached a hand down to the pinned boy's crotch, upon rubbing it lightly he returned his gaze, "Or maybe you don't want to."

Tears sat ready in Adam's eyes. What could he do now?

Now Gabe almost whispered, "Don't worry," he said. He still maintained his mischievous grin, though Adam thought there was some amount of sympathy there too. Then Gabe did something neither of them had totally expected (nor was it totally unexpected however), and leaned forward, placing a surprisingly gentle hand on Adam's steadily rising and falling chest.

Powerless to do anything, not that there was anything he would do even if he could, Adam simply lay face up looking into the ceiling. His arms lay lamely by his side. Slowly, Gabe began stroking his hand across Adam's chest, down to his belly. There he began a thorough massage of Adam's tender stomach. Adam thought he would come any second.

As Gabe's massage went on he let his crotch press down onto his class mate's. My God, Adam thought, did he have an erection too?

When the soothing belly rub was done, Gabe gave on final press on Adam's stomach. There followed a short moan of relief, and a warm feeling that told him his friend had come.

Now Adam looked up from the mat toward his, friend, not sure what he had planned for him next. He found out soon enough.

Still smiling, though more lovingly now, Gabe took Adam's right hand and directed it toward his chest this time. He let Adam's fingers slide down his belly toward his furry groin. Gabe then pulled down his bottoms revealing the tight Calvin Klein's that lay beneath. Adam needed no help in slipping his hand into them, he knew what he had to do, and wanted to it more than anything.. He had been given a massage till, in sensation, he came. Now it was for him to return the favour. And so he began a loving massage beneath the CK's, though this massage would last half as long.

Later Adam thought about all this. Maybe Gabe was right. On this occasion at least. Wrestling was gay after all.