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I hate school.

I do, I can't lie. I hate waking up early, I hate the sitting in boring classes and I hate having to do the work to things I still don't understand. The only plus side I have found is my friends. I love hanging with my friends and cheerleading, which I made the varsity team of, but other than that I really don't like it.

I moved to this silly town about two months ago and have kept myself on the down low. I haven't dressed super sexy to get attention; I haven't done something so outrages everyone knows my name, I've just been there. I was the new girl for about a week but then it was switched to just that girl.

I wouldn't really consider myself popular because I've tried to make sure I wasn't. I used to be at my old school. Everyone knew who I was, what I was doing, who I was dating and hanging out with, just my business and when I moved I realized I didn't want that anymore.

"Tenley hurry up I am about to leave your sorry ass!"

I hear the scream of my big brother as I finish getting ready. Max, my brother, is really my best friend.

"I'm coming just hold on for like 10 seconds damn," I growl grabbing my book bag, purse and jacket. My outfit is cute today, well I think it is. I have on my favorite pair of tight fitted jeans and with my fuzzy black boots pulled over them. I have on a kind of corset looking white top with a black jacket over it; the shirt is showing a little bit. Not much considering what some of the girls wear but enough for me to hear…

"Change," Max says as soon as I walk into the kitchen and I roll my eyes.

"Umm…no sorry," I growl, grabbing an orange and peeling it, then making us both a cup of coffee.

"Ten, you can't go to school in that. I can see like all of your stomach, hell your belly button is almost showing that's how high it is on your stomach," he says in that over protective tone that makes me roll my eyes again.

"Max, I am wearing this, so drink your coffee and stop being so protective," I say handing him his coffee, "Plus I won't really get noticed, I mean no one really notices me," I shrug.

"Ten, that's dumb, guys notice you. I mean look how popular you were at our old school," he tries to reason but I shake my head at that.

"No I was popular because I was Max Brady's baby sister and Katy Jones best friend," I say and that's all true, everyone knew me and everyone loved my personality but I mean I really didn't have boyfriends lined up. I kind of never had that many guys. I had one, but I don't like talking about that.

Though I was popular, however, the guys weren't really that into me, I was just kind of the best friend to them all. The girl the guys loved to hang with because they could relate to and had the awesome big brother Max, but whatever I don't care.

"Tenley that's not true. I wish you knew how gorgeous you are," Max smiles wrapping his arm around my shoulder. "You baby sister are way more amazing then you give yourself credit for," he grins with his perfect white teeth and kisses the top of my head, "Love you Sissy."

"Love you too Bubba," I smile leaning up kissing his cheek as we head to the car. So you know how I said he was great but then annoyingly protective. He just showed his amazing side, the side I love most, the side that shines the most and shows how amazing he is.


"Tenley!" I hear and turn from my locker to see Molly running down the hall towards me. Molly Sims is my best friend and she is what everyone considers the not popular. She is amazingly sweet, she is about 5'6" with long dirty blonde hair that flows with waves down her back, but she rarely has it down. She is actually pretty gorgeous, got that whole natural beauty thing going but she is just completely clueless to it.

I met her as soon as I moved here; she lives about six houses down from mine and is just great. I honestly don't care about her social status because I honestly don't care about being in the popular group, I was at my old school and I honestly think it was more annoying if anything. I mean drama goes down in the school and your first to hear it, first to be around it and first to get dragged into it. Everyone wants to know your business and everyone wants to know who you are dating, who you are sleeping with and if you and your boyfriend break up everyone knows the horrible details.

I don't want people knowing my life details.

"Hey girlie, what's up?" I ask as she all but slams into my locker making me laugh some.

"Sorry but I have to stay after today for tutoring and Wes is sick so mom has to take him to the doctor and Laura has dance so dad is taking her and I need a ride," she tells me a little out of breath and I laugh. Her family is insanely big there is like six kids and there is always something going on.

"Yeah I mean as long as you don't mind waiting a bit because I have to wait for Max to finish ball practice and that gets out at like 5:30," I tell her and yeah I know I could just take the car go home and come pick him back up but I find it pointless. I mean I would seriously sit for like twenty minutes before going to get him, so I just will watch practice. Normally I have cheerleading but football and basketball season is over so now I just get to spend every day after school doing homework and waiting on Max.

Yay for that!

"No problem tutoring is done at like 4, 4:30 so I will just meet you at the gym, k?"

"Yeah no problem just text me when you're coming and if you're going to be late or anything," I shrug shoving the last bit of books in my locker and then pushing my book bag with it. Molly just nods and the bell rings signaling for first to start so with a growl, a wave bye to Molly I head to the thrilling Trig.


Ugh I just want to scream. I mean like really who thinks this school is entertaining. My teachers all day talked about stuff that I normally half listen to but today not a lick and on top of that I am starving because I skipped lunch to finish my project and I am freaking freezing as I walk down to the baseball field to watch Max. So my mood right now is slightly bitchy.

The weather is nice; I mean normal people would find it nice with the light breeze but not me, not at all. I walk quickly over to the bleachers drop down my stuff before walking over to the dugout before coach gets here.

"Max!" I call as he stands on the felid talking to his friends but I don't care I need my brother, "Max!" I yell again.

"Max some chick is calling you," one of the guys calls to him as he runs out of the dugout. And though I don't really like being referred to as some chick it got his attention so whatever.

"Come here," he calls but I just look over my shoulder to see where their coach is, because their coach is scary I do not want him to yell at me for being on his field. "Tenley its cool just come here," he waves me over and I quickly jog over avoiding throwing balls as I do and ignoring the dumb ass boys who do stupid whistles. "Told you guys noticed you," he smirks and I roll my eyes.

"Yeah whatever. I am just on the field and no other girl is around," I say shaking my head, "But could you be the amazing big brother I know you are and give me your lettermen jacket?"

"Wait brother?" one of the guys asks and I just roll my eyes.

"Umm yes brother what do we not look alike?" I ask a little annoyed raising my eyebrow at him and crossing my arms over my chest. I guess…well I guess I should explain the confusion of why people have a hard time connecting Max and I as siblings.

You see, he is seventeen almost eighteen and I am seventeen also, we aren't twins and look nothing alike. I am tall skinny with long dark brown hair and violet eyes. I am not pale but don't have one of those gorgeous tans some people have. My hair flows down my back to just above my waist and my body has some curves its true but I am pretty thin.

Now Maxie is tall, like super tall, 6'3" to be exact, he has buzzed black hair and dark, dark brown eyes. He plays baseball, so he in amazing shape and the fastest on the team, he plays catcher with an amazing arm. Oh he is also black, and yup I'm white. Ok I know you are all sitting trying to figure this out but Max is adopted. He has been my big brother since I was seven years old and the once annoying guy who lived down the hall from me turned into the most amazing person I have ever meet in my entire life. I relay on him for everything and sometimes maybe too much but oh well he is my big brother, it's allowed.

"No I mean it's just…I didn't know Max had a sister," he awkwardly scratches his ear. I told you I wasn't really noticed here.

"Yeah well he does and it's me," I inform him and Max just lets out a small snicker, well Max and his other friend that I look up and see is the all mighty Colton Wells. Everyone knows Colton Wells. He is like Mr. Hilson High, he plays basketball and football, even damn baseball I think at one point, he is the captain on all and he is a shoe in for being prom king. He has that bad boy, arrogant attitude he uses on all the girls but then that sweet boy next door charm he uses around parents.

He is tall, about 6'2", with blonde hair that you just want to run your hands throw all day. His eyes are like a grey with a little hint of blue, his body is the body you see on an athlete and every girl in the school wants him, well ever girl but me because honestly to me he just seems like the normal arrogant jock that everyone assumes wants him and I hate those guys.

"Dude ignore her. She takes the whole I'm black, she is white thing more serious than me," Max laughs. "I was adopted but Colt and Lee this is my so sweet little sister Tenley," he introduces and I look up at Colton who has this small grin on his face and those gray eyes with a hint of blue are wondering all over my body and I definitely don't like it.

"Excuse me keep your damn eyes off my body," I order and he lets out a small chuckle.

"Ok, what about my hands?" he grins and seriously what the hell is did he just say to me? No guy has ever said that to me. Now of course at my old school I had some of those super friendly touchy feely guy friends but I never had one ever give me this look and also lick his lips while he did it, with my brother right here.

"Dude that's my sister!" Max laughs and I just look over at him with my mouth hanging open, did he just laugh at that. This guy's eyes are like having sex with me right now and he laughs, well nice over protective brother, nice.

"Max, can I use your jacket or not?" I ask again trying to ignore whatever the hell just occurred.

"You can use mine," Colton smiles and I roll my eyes at him.

"Umm…no thanks, you can wear yours and I will wear my brother's," I tell him before stomping off to the dugout.

"I didn't say yes!" I hear Max yell but I just shrug.

"Yeah but you never said no, so, ha, mine now!" I smile proudly grabbing his jacket pulling it on and seeing him laugh with an eye roll. I also see Colton look at me say something to Max before looking back at me. Whatever he said Max must not have liked because he gets a disgusted face before giving him a playful shove and I hear him yell 'dude get the hell over there for warm ups.' Then see Colton run away from him but not before tossing a glance and a wink at me.

I just try to ignore it all and grab my homework.

I try not to notice Colton but it is kind of hard. I mean have you ever had that feeling someone was just like watching you. Like you can feel their eyes on you the whole time but you don't want to look at them, you don't want to look at all but it's just an annoying feeling.

"Don't look, Tenley, don't look," I mumble to myself as I scrip on my notebook but then the urge takes over and of course I look. I look up and he is standing in the field waiting for his turn to get a grounder but like I thought he is staring at me. He is just staring at me with a grin, I look down at myself seeing that nothing is like showing and I don't have anything on my shirt so when I look up I just mouth an annoyed 'What!' but he just shrugs giving me a wink then taking his grounder.

Practice goes on and I kind of get that feeling the whole time, the whole 'look up Tenley I am staring' but I don't. I just ignore it and once Molly gets there is becomes a lot easier, well that is until she goes on about how hot the guys are in their uniform, how hot Colton Wells is in his uniform.

And I will agree with that last statement, his body is like made for a uniform. His toned legs in the tight material which, ok, maybe for a second I glanced at his ass but that was only for a second but that second it looked just like I would assume hot. He didn't have an actually jersey on just one of those white t-shirts that go about to his elbow and is white except for the arms which are blue and ten his blue baseball cap that's on backwards that makes him look even hottier. Just staring at him I want to lick my lips but I don't, I don't because right when I was about to he looks up again at me and I look down quick but I know he saw me watching.

Damn it.


"Hey girl, I am running to that bathroom real quick," I tell Molly as I jump off the stands and run to the bathroom before we leave.

I get in I go, I walk over to wash my hands and when I do I look up in the mirror and see Colton, damn Colton leaning up against the wall and scaring the shit out of me.

"Jesus Christ, are you trying to give me a heart attack?" I gasp placing my hand on my heart as it races.

"Why haven't I meet you before?" he questions pushing off the wall and walking over to me but I just turn around to fix my makeup, or play with my hair whatever just so I don't have to actually look him in the face, because this whole scene kind of freaks me out, but at the same time it's like I don't even know how to explain. But being in a bathroom alone with Colton Wells arrogant ass or not is kind of what all girls would like. Yet at the same time I don't want to be one of those girls, I refuse to be one of them.

"Hmm…I don't know maybe because I am not a brainless blonde haired, twirling twit who says like all the time and pops my bubble gum, or maybe because I don't want to have sex with you," I tell him stressing the word don't, yet he seems to just let out a chuckle. I try to ignore his presents by me but then all of a sudden he is right behind me with his hands on top of mine from behind as mine rest on the sink. I feel his hot breath running up my neck and I try to not get chills but it is a little hard, I mean I am a teenage girl I teenage girl in a bathroom with a hot guy up on me, I mean you try to not get chills.

"I saw you watching me," he whispers leaning down my neck like he is about to kiss it but doesn't just let his lips barely graze my skin.

"I wasn't watching you. You were watching me," I try to growl but he makes it a little hard when he lets his hands run up my arms then around my waist slipping his hands through the front of Max's jacket and around my body his cold hands on my warm bare skin and that right there puts my goose bumps in overdrive.

"You're cute," he whispers and for a second I lose my train of thought but quickly get it back and get back my mind set of not wanting him around me.

"Yeah ok thanks," I kind of shrug pushing past his arm heading over to the door but I feel his strong hand slip into mine pulling me back into him. I wiggle a little to get out of his grip but he just pushes his body harder against mine. And ok this whole scene right here might be turning me on just a little bit. I mean even if I don't want to be like the brainless sluts who jump at him I am not blind this guy is gorgeous and his rock hard body pushed against me walking us over so we are pushed against the wall, I would be stupid not to be a little turned on.

"I kind of like you trying pretend you don't want me," he smirks letting his hand slowly slide up my thigh and behind my back then sliding in my back jean pocket giving my ass a small squeeze.

"Trust me I am not trying anything. I don't want you," I tell him not changing my tone not changing anything just slipping my hand behind my back pulling his hand from my ass.

"Aww my hand was comfortable there," he fakes a pout casting his eyes down at my lips before looking back at me and this whole thing whatever it is that is taking place is confusing me. I don't get why Colton Wells is so into me right now but its slightly catching me a little off guard. I mean I am not really his type of girl, but then again I don't think he has types, just anyone that's a girl not terrible to look at he is all for sleeping with or in my case trying to sleep with, because trust me he won't get me like that.

"Yeah well it is going to have to find another place to be comfortable," I growl with an eye roll but his eyes kind of light up and he gets a devilish grin and I quickly realize what I said and about the time he runs his hand over my belly and over the rim of my jeans I catch his hand, "Not what I meant," I hiss holding his hand in mine so it doesn't do whatever it was about to do again.

"Well you should really watch how you word things you could give a guy the wrong impression," he smiles lifting my hand up kissing it. "It was nice to meet you Tenley," he grins before walking away from me and out the door and all I think is;

"What the hell just happened?"